My Idea for a Final Boss

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User Info: Enigma149

5 years ago#1
Well, I never finished my Pikmin 3 walkthrough (heck, I barely even started), and now that E3 is almost upon us, I can’t really see the point. But I thought I’d still share some of my ideas, specifically the boss ones. But first, a summary:

There are 2 new Pikmin types. Additionally, one type has been changed.

These Pikmin carry out the same function that Yellow Pikmin did in the first game - they throw Bomb Rocks. Additionally, they are immune to explosions. They have the same general shape and throwing abilities as yellow Pikmin. They are stored in the Orange Onion.

These Pikmin have the ability of flight - they are extremely light, and can be thrown very long distances. They will glide, rather than fall quickly. Additionally, when running, they can hover about 1/8th of an inch (half of Olimar's size) off the ground, allowing them to move through (but not carry stuff through or stand in) Poison, Water, etc. These Pikmin are especially prone to being blown around by Puffy and Withering Blowhogs due to their light weight.

These Pikmin have been severely nerfed. Although they can still carry 10 times what most Pikmin can, their fighting abilities have been reduced to those of reds. Additionally, they do not stun enemies, though they still deal extra damage upon hitting them.

The first part of the game consists of collecting treasure to buy-back the Dolphin, which is soon joined by several other objectives (there are six total, including killing one of every creature to document it and exploring the full map). This isn't really important. Long story short, Olimar's Son is left behind (a la Pikmin 2), and Olimar has to go rescue him in the 2nd part of the story. However, Olimar also learns that the Dolphin's computer's memory unit was left somewhere on the planet, and he wants to recover it to learn why he crashed.

One major change from the previous games is the areas: rather than have five separate areas, this game has two, each with multiple landing sights that have to be discovered, and, upon discovery, can be landed at on subsequent days. One consists of all the areas from the previous games put together (except the forest navel, and you'll see why in a minute), the other consists of entirely new areas. The 2nd area is unlocked after buying back the Dolphin, and this is where Olimar's Son crash landed (the Dolphin's memory is in the 1st part). Now, to the bosses.

User Info: Enigma149

5 years ago#2
Idea 1
After digging through a short cave on the other side of a Bomb-Rock wall (meaning you have to get Orange Pikmin from area 2 to get here), you come across a small room. If you use a bomb rock to blow up a crack in the wall, a chain reaction starts, causing your captains and whole army to fall a whole ten feet into the depths of a Pit. Upon landing, you discover another landing site, allowing you to land here in later days. At this point, the day ends automatically, as Olimar and Louie need time to recover from their wounds.

After landing at the new landing site (titled "The Mushroom Pit"), the player will quickly realize it is in fact the forest navel, with the landing site in the old Beady Long Legs arena. If you leave the arena, you will come across some Beady Long Legs legs near where the Puffstool was, sticking out of the ground. The ship notes that, since BLLs usually explode upon being defeated, these must have been torn off of its body during the battle. Olimar also notes the hundreds of 1, 2, and 3 pellets, all brown in color, that are present throughout the stage. Moving further, you discover a strange substance similar to poison, only brown. If your pikmin come into contact with this substance, they become Mushroom Pikmin (which are now brown to distinguish them from Purples). The rest of the dungeon consists of a few Final Trial-like puzzles designed to impede your progress to the landing site in Pikmin 1.

At the landing site is the old memory storage device, apparently left behind during Olimar's first visit. However, if you try to approach it, two giant antennae shoot out of the ground, each with eyes on them. So begins the boss fight.

Boss: Gargantuan Sporovid

The first portion of the fight is actually very simple: throw Pikmin on the eyes. Each eye is rather weak (the HP of a common Burrowing Snagret). On occasion, vents throughout the arena (consisting of the landing site) will shoot out Mushroom Spores, and must be dodged. Upon defeating both eyes, however, the real fight begins.

The whole arena shakes as the Gargantuan Sporovid reveals itself - as it turns out, the entire upper area (dark brown in this map is the boss, which resembles a giant, overgrown Puffstool. The base of the creature cannot be seen, however - only the upper portion sticks out of the ground. It attacks by dropping a vast amount of spores on you, enough to turn you entire army into Mushroom Pikmin if you aren't careful. To defeat it, you must use Orange Pikmin (which are, thankfully, also required to reach it, so you'll definitely have some) to detonate a bomb rock on its body, exposing a soft, inner part that can be attacked with Pikmin. Eventually, however, its outer coating will grow back, and you must use another bomb rock. About 3 bomb rocks proceeds to the final phase.

As the Sporovid rears back from the attack (at roughly 1/2 its normal HP, not including the eye antennae), a large rumbling is heard and fifteen sporangeia burst out of the ground (to olimar, they look like trees with round tops) and distribute spores througout the entire Mushroom Pit. These come into contact with your onions, which soon release Mushroom Pikmin seeds. The Mushroom Pikmin then begin creating an army with the pellets and their own onions. There can be at most 1,000 Mushroom Pikmin on the field at once. Waves of 50-100 Mushroom Pikmin will attack Olimar, although other than this, the fight mostly goes the same was as during phase 2.

When the Sporovid is finally defeated, it lets out a roar, and then explodes in a cloud of spores, sending Olimar, Louie, the Onions, the Ship, and the Pikmin out of the Mushroom Pit and near the landing site corresponding to the Awakening Wood. The Onions and Pikmin return to normal as the spores vanish, and the day ends.

Please give me your comments. I will post the other "final" boss soon.

User Info: Cybeast3

5 years ago#3
Pretty cool idea. I love how your idea for a Green Pikmin is literally exactly what I thought of six or seven years ago, right down to the color XD
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User Info: TetraYoshi

5 years ago#4
I believe I had a similar idea. ._.
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