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User Info: 10000_needles

5 years ago#1
They recycled the areas of the first game...again.

I'd be ok as long as they disguise it well.
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User Info: Zion426

5 years ago#2
I didn't mind it in Pikmin 2, so as long as they change them up as much as they did that time, I'd be OK with it.

Though it couldn't possibly hurt them to come up with something new.
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User Info: Super_Jedi7

5 years ago#3
I guess thats a possibility but I dont think they would do that.
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User Info: -Jester-Masque-

5 years ago#4
It was neat when you first discovered it in Pikmin 2, but I think that if they did it again, it would just feel a bit lazy. I'm really hoping that there will be entirely new areas to explore, and judging by what we've seen, it looks like that's what we're getting.

User Info: SSBMaster11

5 years ago#5
I'd be ok with one of them, *maybe* two, just as a throwback to the old games, but any more than that, I'd be really disappointed with. If they can't come up with more than the original 5 areas, after 11 years, that's pretty sad.
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User Info: MeteorBow

5 years ago#6
A. It's a nice throwback, I'll give you that. It gives you a sense of the planet marching on without the player.

B. It could easily get in the way with creativity easily.

It could also look strange when they take two far away areas and meld them together, like they did with wistful wilds.

Most likely, if we get at least a 1.5:1 or 2:1 ration of old to new with at least 4+ new areas it will be fine.


User Info: Echixir

5 years ago#7
I'd tie a 3 week old kitten to my fist and punch a baby.

No, really, I wasn't okay that they did it in Pikmin 2 as it greatly reduced my desire to explore the areas. Sure different environmental hazards were deployed and all manner of barriers were constructed, but I just saw the same underlying areas. It felt lazy and uninspired to me, as I really was looking forward to exploring some new areas. Some people find that neat...and perhaps I would have to if it weren't for the fact that 3 of the 4 areas in the game were like that.

Really, the only revisited area I enjoyed was the Wistful Wild, because you got to explore and "discover" the Impact Site from Pikmin 1. Now that was a cool throw back worthy of a final unlockable area... although I wish they had positioned the Dream Den where the ship initially crashed just to make the final area of the game be right where it all started...but I'm getting off topic.

TL;DR: I don't mind if tasteful throwbacks are included... but if they pull a Pikmin 2 and recycle 75% of the areas from the first game, I will be incredibly displeased.
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User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#8
they should recycle forest navel, that's it. only because it hasn't been recycled yet.

and I don't get why people think wistful wild is such a bore solely because it's baesd off of impact site & final trial. It is completely different, and the setting/colorization itself is completely different.
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