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User Info: Bluebird5555

5 years ago#1
For Olimar, 3 for A, 2 for B, 1 for B+D, and 5 for D. Out of the votes for D, 4 for Enigma’s idea and 1 for Alien’s idea. For Louie, 3 for A, 5 for C, and 2 for D. D and Enigma’s idea and C win.


You whistle Sagittarius and his pikmin to your side and tell him that you will follow the red soldiers to the yellow city, but first you send a group of 50 blue pikmin back to the blue city to deliver the news. Sagittarius is unhappy about walking so far, but you persuade him to go, saying that it’ll be good exercise.

Before you go, the red leader motions to you. The red pikmin says, “Olimar, do you remember me from those happy days years ago, when all pikmin were safe and carefree?” You carefully scrutinize it, but it looks just like any other pikmin.

“I am the first pikmin you ever laid eyes on, the first red pikmin you plucked from beneath the Onion.” You look at the red leader in awe. “Yes, a pikmin has the ability to live forever, if they wish to. I still remember everything: Retrieving ship parts, finding the yellow and blue pikmin, fighting the Emperor Bulblax, the Titan Dweevil, everything. I was elected leader because of this vast amount of knowledge. And I praise you for being so courageous and kind-hearted as to spend your days here, traveling from city to city to try and bring peace to those that helped you so long ago. The path you take is a long and hard one. Some pikmin will never agree to peace, and that is when pikmin must fight, once more. But their lives will not be lost in vain, not for war, but for peace. And remember that if you ever need help, we the red pikmin will always be waiting for you here.”

The red leader waves his flower, and for a moment the light of the fires is reflected in the pikmin’s eyes, giving them a burning intensity. Those eyes look into yours and you are filled with swelling courage, as if you have the power to do anything. As you and your pikmin leave, you can feel that gaze on you long after the fires have been swallowed by the night.

You follow the scuttle marks the Fiery Dweevils made in the sand as you head north. You make good speed and soon the desert is replaced by towering grassy hills. You hear a strange scratching sound and look in the direction that it came from to see an adult Bulbmin leading several juvenile ones. At the sight of a full pikmin army the Bulbmin flee. You decide not to pursue them and continue.

When the black sky is a deep blue, you see a large circular area without any hills, just grass. But this grass is different from the short deep green blades of the south. The grass of the north is composed of tall, thin yellow-green stalks topped with golden foxtails. The grass parts with a light touch, making the going easy. You suddenly look up and see a huge mesa of stone jutting out from the land. Its sides are steep and lined with many ridges, ledges, and cracks. A few slanted ridges branch from the sides of the mesa like roots from a tree, forming narrow paths up the mesa. You wonder how a mesa, a formation usually found in deserts or mountainous areas, got here, in the middle of a sea of green hills.

A yellow pikmin appears at the edge of the mesa’s top and says in a professional voice, “State your name, position, location of—Holy Bulborbs! It’s Olimar and Louie!” The yellow pikmin disappears from view and returns with a few more yellow pikmin. They leap off of the edge of the mesa and begin to plummet.

“No! Stop! Don’t kill yourselves!” you yell. But just as they are gaining speed they simultaneously spread their arms wide and land gently on the ground unharmed. “What—How—“you splutter. But on closer observation you can see a thin leathery material attached to the bottom of the yellow pikmin’s arms that appear to function as gliders.

Continued in the next post
Pikmin CYOA!

User Info: Bluebird5555

5 years ago#2
All 5 yellow pikmin laugh. “Surprised, Olimar? We’ve been testing out our wings for weeks now.” They begin to remove the wings and discard them in a pile nearby. The yellow flower who spoke seems to be the yellow leader.

The yellow leader speaks again. “We’ve heard about the peace treaty being held tomorrow from the red envoy. They’re currently resting here until morning to go back. But Olimar, in order to prove that you are truly capable of leading pikmin, we need you to pass a simple test. Nothing hard. It’s a tradition among our city that all new members must pass tests depending on their skill level in order to be appreciated and respected among us. You see, several groups of wild Bulbmin have taken a liking to the hills around here and they are jeopardizing the delicate food chain. We need you to hunt at least 5 down. Okay? We’ll be going with you to assess your skills.”

You see no harm in taking the test and agree. Soon you leave in pursuit of Bulbmin. You kill 3 easily when you see 2 adult Bulbmin standing guard at the mouth of a cave. You dispatch of the Bulbmin and peer into the cave entrance. All you can see is the darkness in the hole.

“Hmm… This seems suspicious,” the yellow leader remarks. “Those two Bulbmin were clearly guarding the cave. I wonder if they’ve got something down there… We yellow pikmin are very fond of treasure and caves are notorious for containing literal tons of it. And the Bulbmin might be doing something down there.”

You decide upon the name Charizard. You repeat the name to the Bulblax, who grunts happily.

As Charizard passes by the group of Bulborbs, the 3 Dwarf Fiery Bulblaxes yip and fall into place behind Charizard. The rest stare, wondering where their leader is going. You formulate a new plan. Turning around so you are facing the Bulborbs, you think back to your days alone on this planet years ago, when you had lived with Bulborbs for protection, learning their primitive language. You give a complex arrangement of squeaks and growls followed by a soft grunt, meaning “Your leader is traveling to the mountains. There will be plenty of pikmin. Will you come?”

The Bulborbs are perplexed. A strange creature speaking their language? And traveling to the mountains? A few of the Bulborbs begin to converse and you understand them perfectly. “Prey here is less and less.”

“But mountains dangerous! Rock-spitting worms and snow!”

“I no fear a few worms! Worms fear us, we Bulborbs!”

In the end, 2 Red Bulborbs with 4 Dwarf Red Bulborbs, 1 Orange Bulborb with 2 Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, 3 Hairy Bulborbs with 5 Snow Bulborbs, and 1 Bulbear with 3 Dwarf Bulbears join. The rest stay behind and watch as your group continues farther and farther northwest. Eventually you reach the foot of the mountain and set up the path.

After a while the path splits into two. One continues to the left, narrowing into a path between a yawning canyon and a steep cliff wall. The other goes to the right and climbs up on top of the cliff wall. It is partially hidden by rocks and dead shrubs, so Olimar must not have seen it and taken the left path. If you take the left path you will be at risk of falling down the pit and being hit by Cannon Beetles. If you take the right path you will be safe from falling, but you can sense many Cannon Beetles and Bulborbs up there.

What should Olimar do?

A. Go into the cave and investigate.
B. Take the Bulbmin carcasses back to the yellow city and then explore the cave.
C. Take the Bulbmin carcasses back and refuse to explore the cave.
D. Other

What should Louie do?

A. Take the left path.
B. Take the right path.
C. Observe what’s on the right path.
D. Leave the mountain (specify where to go)
E. Other

Stats in the next post
Pikmin CYOA!

User Info: Bluebird5555

5 years ago#3
Blue: 1251
Purple: 1
Yellow: 5
Blue: 1
Purple: 1
Fiery Bulblax: 1
Dwarf Fiery Bulblax: 3
Red Bulborb: 2
Dwarf Red Bulborb: 4
Orange Bulborb: 1
Dwarf Orange Bulborb: 2
Hairy Bulborb: 3
Snow Bulborb: 5
Spotty Bulbear: 1
Dwarf Bulbear: 3
Blue: 0
Purple: 0
Blue: 789
Purple: 40

That was the longest update I've ever written.
Pikmin CYOA!

User Info: fawful_X

5 years ago#4
D. Ask the pikmin what to do with the bulbmin, then send a small group to examine what is in the cave. If the group doesn't return within some time, amass a larger group and storm the cave.
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User Info: Pinxed

5 years ago#5
Olimar - fawful_X's D

Louie - C

And for the newbies to the CYOA, here's the link to the old topic:
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User Info: fawful_X

5 years ago#6
I forgot about Louie, honestly...

Anyway, C for Louie.
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User Info: Enigma149

5 years ago#7
Fawful's idea.
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User Info: Coolperson8776

5 years ago#8
Once again i say B+C
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User Info: Wall_of_Wegee

5 years ago#9
Fawful's D and C.
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User Info: Coolperson8776

5 years ago#10
Actully a can't belive im saying this... i switch to fawful x's idea even though i hate his guts
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