This better be styled like Pikmin 2.

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  3. This better be styled like Pikmin 2.

User Info: IBA_

4 years ago#1
Because finding real life garbage was awesome.
You can't smoke LSD

User Info: AvatarOfBagan

4 years ago#2
We might, but we have no idea wha twe'll be collecting.

1 was ship parts, 2 was the treasure, and 3 we're still unsure of WHAT we'll be collecting.
"Nonsense, Bagan cannot be defeated". - Aliens: Super Godzilla
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

4 years ago#3
"Nintendo better give in to my demands because I have what I like to think is a valid point (which I fail to elaborate on beyond a sarcastic comment that may or may not be sarcastic at all, the dumbass typing this post can't tell), and furthermore, a strong opinion that I wear out beyond necessity."

How have people not considered that the game is going to be most of all like itself? Like its own game?

Also, I'm fairly certain some big authorities a Nintneod said they wanted it to have a flavor like the first game.
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  3. This better be styled like Pikmin 2.

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