Pikmin 1 or Pikmin 2?

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User Info: HerPanda

4 years ago#1
Which do you prefer? - Results (114 votes)
Pikmin 1
28.95% (33 votes)
Pikmin 2
46.49% (53 votes)
About equal
24.56% (28 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Pikmin 1 all the way for me; I loved the atmosphere. Everything was new, the time limit pressure was spot on, the simple narrative was great, and it was just an amazing experience all around.

The caves in Pikmin 2 were a little too excesive for my tastes as well; I much prefer the outside for a game like Pikmin.

User Info: ArtOWarfare

4 years ago#2
I agree that the atmosphere and narrative for the first Pikmin was spectacular, but I felt 2 was better for a few reasons:

- Challenge mode
- More bosses (I love bosses.)
- Multiplayer
- More content

I feel like the first Pikmin was a work of art, and that's great and all, but Pikmin 2 was a better game that I go back and replay far more often.

User Info: -Jester-Masque-

4 years ago#3
I love both games for different reasons. The first one had more sunshine, which I really like in games. And as much as I liked the story of Pikmin 2, Olimar's fight for survival was definitely more compelling. The first one had a certain atmosphere that's difficult to put into words-- maybe just because it was the first game. The world at it's inhabitants are as unfamiliar to Olimar as they are to the player. Yeah, I like that description. :P

Pikmin 2 is just bigger. When I enjoy something, I like knowing that it will keep going for a long time. If it's a movie and I like it, I want it to be long. If it's a TV series and I like it, I want there to be lots and lots of episodes. The same goes for games. Another thing is Pikmin 2's enemy variety. While there were a lot of pallet-swap creatures, there were still a considerably larger variety than the first game had. The having two captains was a really big deal, too. It feels like a feature that should have always been there, at least mechanically. And finally, while they lacked sunlight, the caves brilliantly created challenges by, not just introducing new enemies, but combining of enemies and hazards. A snagret might be a piece of cake in a plain open field, but how about on a tiny square island surrounded by walls and/or water? Stuff like that kept the game exciting for me for many plays-through.

User Info: zeppelincheetah

4 years ago#4
Pikmin 1 definitely. I thought the level design was better and there was the time constraint which gave the player a sense of urgency and encouraged you to strategize on how to get each part. Also, while 1 was possibly "earth" 2 was in your face about it with all of the earth items and the picnic level etc. I prefer the first way where it is strongly suggesting that you are on "earth" but it's not shoving it in your face so obviously like in Pikmin 2.
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4 years ago#5
I think 2 is a definite improvement. There is just so much more to do. More baddies, more things to collect, different play style while in caves.
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User Info: kirbymastah

4 years ago#6
both. each have things over the other.

User Info: shadowreaper7

4 years ago#7
kirbymastah posted...
both. each have things over the other.

says it all right there.
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User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#8
Pikmin 2 was more indepth, but there's something about Pikmin 1 that truly charmed me that Pikmin 2 was missing. That said, Pikmin 2 was a much deeper game with a lot more features. If you forced me to pick one, I'd choose Pikmin 2, but they are about equal as far as I'm concerned.

Here's to hoping Pikmin 3 is better than both, and that's no small task!
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User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#9
shadowreaper7 posted...
kirbymastah posted...
both. each have things over the other.

says it all right there.
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User Info: Capace23

4 years ago#10
I prefer Pikmin 2.
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