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User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#1

Whimsical Woods: New!

Fungal Jungle: New maybe Forest of Hope

Desolate Desert: New I guess

Frosty Fields: Valley of repose? You could see some pavement with hop scoth drawn on it so maybe its more sidewalk

Mystifying Marsh: Definantly Perplexing Pool. The Whiptongue Bulborb was where the ship landed in Pikmin 2

???: ???


User Info: ArtOWarfare

4 years ago#2

Are you just saying random things?

User Info: Boo Destroyer

Boo Destroyer
4 years ago#3
Yeah, all fake.

But they haven't talked about this game in a while. What else is there to do?

User Info: ArtOWarfare

4 years ago#4
Go about your life and check back every so often to see if someone has heard and shared some new Pikmin news. That's what I do except PandorraXD posted this which made me wonder if it was news. But it's not news.

User Info: Spidey5

4 years ago#5
Instead of misleading people, you could have named the topic "My names for the areas we have seen so far"
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