Pikmin: Universe (A Fake Game Walkthrough)

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User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#1
Welcome to Pikmin: Universe! Pikmin: Universe is a game idea I had and decided to illustrate it via this walkthrough. This walkthrough depicts a new Pikmin story revolving around ALL the old characters and it's a bit dark for a Pikmin game, but it's turning out the way I thought it would. It is perhaps complicated and more adventure-oriented than puzzle-oriented. So enjoy, critique (not too harsh), and BE WARNED: THIS IS NOT FOR THOSE UNWILLING TO HAVE A GOOD READ.

Pikmin: Universe:
by PandorraXD

Year 20XX: Planet Pandorrum

Dust sweeps across the ashen plains of the desolate Planet Pandorrum; a planet that lies only four sectors away from that of Hocotate. A man in a levitating, metallic buggy drives across the grey-colored desert. He looks like a Hocotatian but with a slighter sterner, angled face and a plump nose.

A large metallic warehouse looms in the gloom distance. The buggy parks outside the warehouse and the man hops out. He walks into the building to see a myriad of other Pandorrites sitting in chairs attending some type of meeting. Speaking gibberish the speaker has subtitles.

“Pandorrum has witnessed some prosperous years! We have gone literally undetected by either of the lively planets Hocotate or Koppai! However, such prosperity can only last so long… we fear that the now free roaming Sparrows from Koppai will soon crash on our fine planet and expose our existence… how surly tragic that would be! Luckily, we have sent a multitude of spies to Planet Koppai. It is said they are hiding an amazing discovery! We believe we have unearthed that secret. That secret my fellow Pandorrites, is an energy source so malleable, it can be used as an infinite power, electrical, and solar power source!” The speaker gasps.

“While it could be used for other purposes, the Hocotatians, who engineered it, plan to use to solve the current electrical crisis of Hocotate! The President of Pandorrum and I have collaborated and we have hatched an idea; a new way of life. Hypothetically, we could steal this item, known as the Corr, while it’s being transferred, and hold it for ransom! Upon returning the item to Hocotate, we will be rewarded with enough pokos to travel to the far recesses of space, where no authorities could ever find us!”

The audience cheers and shouts.

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#2
Year 20XX: Planet Hocotate

Orange canyons and cacti surround a metallic lab surrounded with barbed wire.

Inside the lab, a man in a white lab coat holding a clip board strides down a hallway accompanied by the President of Hocotate Freight.

“I need multiple guards protecting the Corr. If not… it could get into the wrong hands.” The scientist says to the President of Hocotate Freight.

“I understand.” The President says.

“I am trusting your company, your little freight business to haul this atomic orb through deep space. Don’t blame for assuming something could go wrong… have you heard further about those Hocotatian criminals that escaped the planet?”

“No sir. I’ll do my best to ensure the Corr’s safety!” The President says.

The scientist sighs. “I’m sure you’ll do what you can… but do you have any… I don’t know, experts you could send? Someone well traveled?”

“Yes I do. Two of them. One of them is untrustworthy, and the other won’t like the sound of this.” The President laments.

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#3
Year 20XX: Corr Transportation Vessel

A grey, contoured space ship drifts through space. Inside Captain Olimar and Louie stand in front of a window looking into the blackness of space. Olimar holds his helmet in one arm, Louie holds a can of juice in his.

“A fine view isn’t it boys!” A gruff voice says.

The two Hocotatians turn around.

A man clad in a grey suit and helmet, stands behind them. He has a brown-grey beard.

“Louie, I see… I see you came along.” The man stutters awkwardly. “I’m the captain of this ship! Call her the S.S Mandarin. Wouldn’t let my baby go far without me… I hear you’re a captain too?”

His eyes drift towards Louie. “Okay, Louie how about you go wash some dishes for a second?”
Louie wanders off, probably not going to do dishes.

“Captain Olimar, it’s an honor to be with you. I’ve heard stories back on Hocotate… I mean you crash landed on an uncharted planet, rebuilt your ship, and survived? Wow! And you harvested treasure from the planet to pay off debt? Goodness… the rest of your history sounds terrifying. You were kidnapped by some sort of… alien creature that grounded your ship?”

Olimar nods. “It’s been a complicated past few years. I’ve done some further studies on the Pikmin since that time… nothing has gone particularly wrong, but I’m just waiting for it.”

“Yeah well I was actually orbiting Planet Koppai when I was attacked by space pirates. They wrecked it, but she’s looking good as new now. Most of those pirates were jailed, but as you probably heard, massive breach, all gone. I’m Captain Delpha by the way. From Hocotate of course.”

“I’ve heard about those pirates. They probably didn’t last the week. All other planets within seventy sectors are full of deadly gases including oxygen… speaking of which, why do you have your helmet on?” Olimar asks.

“I always like to be prepared for the worst…” Delpha says.

Inspired, Olimar puts on his helmet as well.

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#4
A Koppite jets down into the room via a cylindrical elevator. It is Alph from Koppai of course.

“Well if it isn’t our Koppai rep.” Delpha shouts.

Alph stares at Olimar in shock.

“Olimar?” He asks in his odd accent.

“Alph? What are you doing on this vessel?” Olimar inquires.

“I was invited. They were looking for someone well traveled, as they said. I’m assuming you are here for the same reason.”

“Wait, you two know eachother?” Delpha asks.

“Yes,” Olimar says. “My ship was crashed by a malicious creature… Alph was able to save both Louie and I. He saved Koppai from the Famine of 20XX!”

“High heavens!” Delpha exclaims.

“Where is Charlie? Brittany?” Olimar wonders.

“They’re currently tracking this vessel. They’re ensuring nothing goes wrong on their radars.”

The ship creaks and a metallic boom is heard nearby.

“Sounds like there’s some trouble in the hull. I’ll go check it out…” Delpha exits via a metal door

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#5
Now you control Olimar. A rather odd time, but it’s a great way to test the controls. Walk around with the nunchuk/left control stick. Pace around the room for a second meanwhile Alph will rush up some nearby stairs.

“Olimar!” He will shout once atop the stairs. Walk over to him and press A to open the door that is up the stairs. They will lead to a catwalk above an enclosed molten, orange orb (presumably the Corr). Delpha is guarding a scientist behind him meanwhile a men in purple space suits tamper with various controls. One of them is speaking inaudibly with Delpha. Louie stands idly to the side of the conversation.

Upon walking around you’ll notice Alph follows you, but you can’t switch to him yet. There’s an elevator that leads downwards. Get Olimar and Alph on it. Activate it with A. The elevator careens downwards. The purple-suited men see the newcomers Olimar and Alph.

“Olimar! Put these thieves in custody! They wish to steal the Corr!” Delpha shouts.
Olimar looks surprised.

“That won’t be necessary, we’ll be on our way now.” The Corr is drops through the floor.

“No!” Delpha shouts.

The Corr floats inanimately through space.

Olimar rushes after the men who are now running towards an industrial door on the far side of the room. The slide the door open which leads into an airlock. Olimar follows. One man presses a simple red button. All the Pirates and Olimar are sucked into space. The men, quite coordinated, use their jet pack like devices on their backs to launch themselves into yet another spaceship looming the distance. The Corr is secured safely underneath the ship.

All four of the Pandorrites spill into the ship’s airlock. The apparent leader, a man with a slim face and black hair with golden stripes holds up an intercom.

“Get us to the nearest planet! Plans have been cut short. The inhabitants of the Mandarin are still onboard, we were unable to dispose of them… get us somewhere quick.”

The ship blasts off at light speed towards the Pikmin Planet. Olimar drifts unconsciously through space.

Alph, sitting inside the S.S Drake, blasts towards Olimar. Olimar slowly drifts within the grasp of the tractor beam. Olimar is sucked up by the S.S Drake, and the ship flies towards the mysterious planet the Space Pirates took off to.

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#6
Day 1: Fandango Forest
Event: A Mysterious Landing

A blur of red and green; vision focuses and we see lush green ferns mingling with red wildflowers. Alph sits up. He is laying on the ashen soil next to Olimar. The earth is riddled with fiery cracks and veins.

“What happened? My ship caught in this planet’s pull and then… Oh no… I’m on PNF-404! Those crooks must be hiding somewhere on this planet… Olimar appears unconscious… I must begin exploring and attempt to find a familiar location!”

Now you control Alph. Walk around for a second. This landing site is pretty simple. Just a rather circular area with a stump in the north. At the base of that stump, the red onion. Little speech bubbles appear as you discover things. On the gamepad you’ll notice three options: GamePad Only Mode, Piklopedia, and Character Bios. For Character Bios, you have Olimar and Alph. I’ll review these at the end of the day. The Piklopedia is empty.

There are two red Pikmin sitting below the onion. “Those are red Pikmin!” Alph will say. Approach them and a cutscene will occur in which we get a close up of the reds. Drake says, “These are the red Pikmin. If you recall, they are fireproof, and quite fierce in battle. Call them with your whistle.”
So call the Pikmin. There are two one pellet posies around you. Collect them and sprout four more Pikmin. “The onion sprouts Pikmin seeds by absorbing pellets or fallen foes.”

Walk around the landing site. Nearby, two male sheargrubs and three female sheargrubs will emerge from the earth and attack! Dispatch them quickly and collect their bodies.

Olimar is still unconscious. There are some additional pellets and upon gathering them you’ll have twenty Pikmin. Once you have twenty Pikmin, the camera will pan out. You’ll see a severely volcanic path. Fire spraying out of geysers, ash bubbles gurgling out of the soil. A massive ball of smoldering metal will strike the earth like a comet. A Space Pirate, clad in a purple space suit, tumbles out of the wreckage. The crashed material is a smaller than the ship the Pirates originally sped off in.

“This dangerous path appears mostly inaccessible. Further investigation could prove fruitful.” Drake says.

So approach the odd path. The ground is molten and too hot to step on. A small arrow appears over a flat, rocky platform. “Perhaps I can jump from rock to rock?” Alph suggests. The letter A appears above the arrow. Press A three times and Alph will jump across all three platforms. The red Pikmin will swarm across the burning ground towards Alph. Reunited, Alph and the red Pikmin stand before the wrecked enemy ship.

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#7
“Who are you?” Alph asks.

“I’m a Pandorrite.”

“What is a Pandorrite?”

The man groans in discomfort. “We escaped from Hocotate. We thought we could find a new life elsewhere, where people wouldn’t judge our crimes… until the Corr was created. Our boss, Captain Apoko was a captain and a scientist. He helped create the Corr. However, he stole a bit of pokos from the Hocotatian Corr Project…. He knew of a planet he’d been secretly studying for quite a while. He grabbed some radar jamming tech he’d been working on, snatched us up from the prison, and sped off to Pandorrum before he could be arrested."

“What do you want with the Corr?” Alph asks.

The man passes out.

Alph sighs.

Now you’re back in control. “I should bring this crook back to Drake.” Alph says. It takes three Pikmin to haul him across the burning earth. Upon reaching Drake, a cutscene occurs. The sun is setting and Olimar remains unconscious. The Pandorrite is sucked up by the tractor beam as well as Olimar. Alph skeptically looks around the area. His army of Pikmin stand curiously behind him.

“Nightfall is approaching. The red Onion should follow us into orbit. If any Pikmin end of stranded here at night, they will surely be devoured by the ravenous nocturnal predators! I’ll take off with Olimar and that Pandorrite. Hopefully Delpha and Louie resurface soon…”

The day ends with the classic end of day tune. The Pikmin wander off into the night, to their onion. The end of the day will be concluded with newly received Piklopedia entries and character bios. You may also view a replay of the day from a bird's eye view.These will all be archived and available to you during day gameplay.

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#8
Day 1 Report:
Today we landed in a volcanic forest. Olimar is currently unconscious from the piercing chill of space that he drifted through momentarily. I currently have him under a heat lamp. Today we encountered the fireproof red Pikmin who aided me in locating a stray Pandorrite. Though this criminal’s history is shady, he is also unconscious due to exhaustion. Apparently, an engineer for the Corr rounded up an army of criminals and migrated to an uncharted planet called Pandorrum? Interesting… What is this disgruntled engineer's motivations? I must return to the planet’s surface to explore this matter further. The remaining Pandorrites and Hocotatians are currently somewhere on the planet’s surface. I had to maneuver myself through a volcanic path like a deadly fandango. Therefore, I shall call this area Fandango Forest!

Pellet Posy:
Pellet Weed Family
Pellet Posies have not evolved much. These plant stalks have a unique ability; they are able to crystallize nectar and various nutrients it draws from the ground. These crystallized pellets can be removed and taken back to an Onion, where more Pikmin seeds are produced. They are a primary source of Pikmin reproduction.

Male Sheargrub:
Mandiblard Family
Sheargrubs appearance and habits differ through sexual dimorphism. Males posses purple carapaces and sharp, serrated mandibles. Males devour Pikmin, as they are often unable to metabolize plant roots fast enough to survive. Given their slow digestive system, Pikmin make the perfect food source given their large population and frequency. Sheargrubs often nestle themselves deep in loose soil and thrive in small herds underground.

Female Sheargrub
Mandiblard Family
The Female Sheargrub, unlike the Male Sheargrub, are harmless to Pikmin. However, they feed off of plant roots underground by oozing out a special type of stomach acid capable of transforming the roots into a liquid-like state. Female Sheargrubs haven’t developed jawbones or mandibles, so they must devour the root juices with a straw-like organ in their mouths.

Character Bios:

Captain Olimar:
Olimar crash-landed on the Pikmin Planet. He befriended the native species he called Pikmin, due to their resemblance to Pikpik carrots, a favorite among Hocotatian vegetarians. Olimar rebuilt his ship and returned Hocotate Freight, his employer. To his dismay, his boss had fallen under a massive debt. He returned to the planet and gathered valuable treasures that were sold and used to vanquish the debt. Olimar, now an intrepid captain, returned to the Pikmin Planet. His ship was then crashed by an odd being who then kidnapped Olimar. Captain Olimar was then rescued by Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, three explorers from Koppai.

Planet Koppai was suffering a food shortage when Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie were sent to the Pikmin Planet to harvest seeds from the various fruits that grew on the planet’s surface. Upon activating the landing sequence, a freak accident led to the three explorers being separated. Alph is an engineer and learned most of his skills from his grandfather. Alph crash-landed in the Tropical Wilds, when he discovered the red Pikmin. Charlie and Brittany were missing and had apparently landed elsewhere. Due to courage and team work, the three explorers were finally reunited. Upon learning that Olimar had gone missing, they swiftly ventured to distant lands to save him. They fought the mysterious creature before saving Olimar. The three Koppites returned to their home planet triumphant and mostly unscathed.

Pikmin Count:
Red: 20+
???: 0
???: 0
???: 0
???: 0
???: 0
???: 0

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#9
Day 2: Fandango Forest
Event: Defeat the Crimson Scorpiodon!

Olimar and Alph emerge from Drake.

“I’m happy you are alive and well, Captain Olimar. I am looking forward to receiving technological insight from you Captain. I do have further news, all of it quite concerning. Obviously, Louie and Delpha are missing in action. Though their whereabouts are currently unknown, I am picking up an electromagnetic signal which I pinpointed on your map. View the GamePad to see this location and to observe the map itself from an overhead view. Our captive Pandorrite is giving me the silent treatment in the hull. While you two are away investigating I will attempt to extract further information from this inmate. That is all.”

Upon emerging from Drake, Alph says, “The Pikmin are in their Onion. I can call them out with A.” Yes, the Pikmin still share one onion, like in Pikmin 3. There are three Dwarf Red Bulborbs that have spawned nearby. Gather their bodies after killing them. Now head back to the stump you saw yesterday. There are now vines sprouting out of it, which you may descend. “These must have grown overnight.” Alph says.

You might have noticed there’s a new, fourth option on the game pad: View Map. By selecting this option, the game pauses and you can view the area from overhead. You can also unpause the area and allow for things to move, however, time passes and it is dangerous if there any enemies nearby. On the overhead view you can see a red dot with waves emitting from it in an arena

Upon sliding down the vines, you’ll see a rocky platform with glowing caulk. Swarm you Pikmin onto the platform and they’ll begin digging away at the caulk. Once all of it is gone, magma will spray from the ground, shooting the upwards . You may then drop back onto the upper story and reunite with the onion and Drake if you need to.

You’ll notice a slumbering Red Bulborb sitting atop some charred earth. Attack it, and you’ll potentially lose some Pikmin. Luckily, you can bring it back to base via the Magma Geyser and get more Pikmin. After clearing the area below, you’ll see a dirt wall that can be destroyed. “The Pikmin can break down massive obstructions; they’re power in numbers in unrivaled!” Olimar says.

User Info: PandorraXD

4 years ago#10
You’ll notice a slumbering Red Bulborb sitting atop some charred earth. Attack it, and you’ll potentially lose some Pikmin. Luckily, you can bring it back to base via the Magma Geyser and get more Pikmin. After clearing the area below, you’ll see a dirt wall that can be destroyed. “The Pikmin can break down massive obstructions; they’re power in numbers in unrivaled!” Olimar says.

Drake will speak before you enter the arena.

“My sensors are picking up the electromagnetic field in this area. Be cautious and remember: you may switch between captains with the – Button.”

Beyond the dirt gate is an arena carved in obsidian-like stone. There are a few crystalline pillars which can’t be demolished yet. Walk into the arena, and a cutscene will occur.

The camera will pan out and you’ll see a large, red, scorpion-like creature crawling underneath a mossy branch. The creature takes sight of you and drops to the floor. It has a light red carapace with four, insect like eyes. It has a long tail with a purple stinger mounted atop, and twenty, rather tiny, legs. It is a little larger than a Hermit Crawmad. The creature flares its mandibles and the battle begins.

This is the Crimson Scorpiodon. This creature possesses various attacks targeted at your Pikmin. It can rush your Pikmin and devour them with its mandibles (only about three at a time) and it will occasionally lash out its stinger, impaling up to five Pikmin at a time. It is a rather easy mini-boss. Just keep throwing Pikmin at the head, a generally safe area, and watch the damage dealt. It has no specific weak point so aim for the whole body if necessary. It will shake off your Pikmin once about half of its health is gone so be patient and focused.

Once it dies, it will drop a small GamePad-like device.

“That’s Louie’s communicator! What these beasts ingest will never cease to amaze me. Luckily, it doesn’t appear Louie was devoured.” Olimar says. “Perhaps he visited this area overnight? In any case, we should expand our search radius. Tomorrow we shall explore a new location!”

The Scorpiodon’s body is worth ten Pikmin. So bring it back up the Magma Geyser and collect your reward. You’ll notice a purple dot on the overhead view that corresponds with the Pandorrite we collected yesterday. He is now sitting on the ground in front of Drake. The letter A is displayed above his head. Use A to speak with him.
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