Help with that scales puzzle in Garden of Hope

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User Info: Metal_Mario99

4 years ago#1
Y'know, that puzzle in the cave that involves, like, two or three sets of scales, and has the electric fence? I can get to the last set of scales by throwing captains, but how do you get up to the fruit? I've tried throwing yellow Pikmin up onto the scale to make its counterpart rise, but it seems to be too high for even the yellows. Is there a trick to it, or am I just derping?

User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#2
Throw the yellows from the ledge that you reach from the first 2 scales. FYI that memo on the high scale is a secret memo

User Info: LostSoldier20

4 years ago#3
Use all 4 scales.

Get a captain to the brick in the middle:
Weigh down the first scale and throw two captains on top. Throw a few yellows to weigh the other side down. Move both captains across the first brick onto the second scale. Throw the yellows onto the next brick, then weigh down the first scale with more yellows. The second scale will rise, and you can throw a captain onto there. Keep them there, and collect everything not on the middle brick.

Getting the fruit: Throw up all your yellows to the guy on the middle brick. (20 is fine) Then throw a captain onto the fourth scale. Throw at least 10 Pink onto the scale with this captain, or you will need a lot more yellows on the middle brick. Then throw a ton of yellows onto the third scale high in the sky. The yellows will reach, sending the fourth scale up. (the fourth scale is heavier by default, so you need to get around 15 up there). Throw the pinks onto the fruit, and then jump down off the fourth scale.

Getting the memo:
Throw a captain onto the lowered third scale, and have them throw off all of the yellow pikmin. The scale will rise and you can get the memo.
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User Info: Metal_Mario99

4 years ago#4
Thanks, I'll try that out! I appreciate the instructions, since I've never been very good at 3-D problem-solving (couldn't even finish "Catherine" on Easy mode!). ;)
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