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Would you be okay with a Plants vs Zombies type Pikmin system (see explanation)PandorraXD311/29/2014
I'm really liking this game so far, still be worth to go back to previous ones?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How big are the DLC files, and any software updates?Boy_Lover_X111/13/2014
Replaying a previous dayMichele68211/11/2014
So was it ever said why White and Purple Pikmin aren't around anymore?Storrac811/11/2014
How far does the demo go?! (No spoilers please)Michele68211/8/2014
Playing the demo now and where is Olimar!!!Sweet Monkey Luv511/7/2014
Pikmin Animated Shorts Trailer!Mahdioh411/7/2014
A Valley of Repose vs. The Forest Navel theoryPandorraXD411/6/2014
I'm a touch confused about the 4.99 DLC.Grimdandelo310/27/2014
How do I prevent my other idle "commanders" from plucking early?psycho_mantis33510/27/2014
European ScriptAngelosTheHero410/17/2014
Playing a Pikmin game for the first time, any tips?SuperMarioGamer510/15/2014
Do Digital and Physical copies of the game share saves?TrevorBlack79310/6/2014
Your reaction: mii heads replace pikmin heads in a different game modePickpickles110/4/2014
Ugh, the Tropical Wilds music.GanonsSpirit210/1/2014
Would anyone like to see Pikmin 4 take on a drastically different setting?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Is there any reason to believe this will be part of the super smash sale?A_Generic_Name39/29/2014
DLC worth it?Muzika201339/26/2014
Pikmin wars revival petition.heroven29/25/2014
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