Kilthi Statues

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User Info: Voldavian

4 years ago#1
Do those statues actually do anything? I know that finding 5 of them get you an achievement and I have found 5. But when you go up to them and hit RB I see a little orb appear under my mana bar for a brief second.

Do these statues heal you or even do anything other then get you an achievement?
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User Info: raindroproses

4 years ago#2
I just saw a loading screen message pertaining to these, so I thought I might share what I learned... I was wondering the same thing myself. Apparently the Kilthi statues recover your HP, your MP, or both depending on the statue. I don't know if there's a way to determine which is which in that case, but it seems kind of like a moot point anyway since HP/MP regen pretty quick in this game and you're far more likely to have spare potions anyway than you are to find these... but there's the answer!

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