Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Character List! Over 105 Characters!

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User Info: FireDigiXros

6 years ago#1
Pre-Timeskip Characters:
1. Naruto (One Tailed Fox)
- Shadow Clone Barrage Naruto (Nine Tailed Mode)
2. Sasuke (CS Level 2)
- Great Fireball Sasuke (Sharingan)
3. Sakura
4. Kiba
5. Hinata (Byakugan)
6. Shino
7. Shikamaru
8. Choji (Butterfly Mode)
9. Ino
10. Lee Rock (Eight Gate)
11. Negi (Byakugan)
12. Tenten
13. Gaara (One Tailed Mode)
14. Kankuro
15. Temari

Timeskip Characters (Shippuden) Characters:
16. Naruto (Four Tailed Fox)
- RasenShuriken Naruto (Four Tailed Fox)
- Sage Naruto (Six Tailed Fox)
- Great Rasengan Barrage Naruto (Sage Mode)
- Nine Tailed Chakra Naruto (Nine Tailed Fox Chakra Mode)
- Hokage Naruto (Sage Mode)
17. Sasuke (Cursed Seal Level 2)
- Kirin Sasuke (Cursed Seal Level 2)
- Taka Sasuke (Mangekyo Sharingan)
- Susano'o Sasuke (Mangekyo + Level 1 Susano'o)
- Eternal Sasuke (Eternal Mangekyo + Susano'o)
18. Sakura
- Jounin Outfit Sakura
19. Kiba
- Jounin Outfit Kiba
20. Hinata (Byakugan)
- Jounin Outfit Hinata (Byakugan)
21. Shinotr
- Jounin Outfit Shino
22. Shikamaru (has Jounin Outfit)
23. Choji
- Jounin Outfit Choji (Butterfly Mode)
24. Ino
- Jounin Outfit Ino
25. Lee Rock (has Jounin Outfit, Eight Gate)
26. Neji (Byakugan)
- Jounin Outfit Negi (Byakugan)
27. Tenten
- Jounin Outfit Tenten
28. Gaara
29. Kankuro
- Jounin Outfit Kankuro
30. Temari
- Jounin Outfit Temari

Hidden Leaf Village Characters:
31. Kakashi (Sharinagn)
- Kakashi (Mangekyo Sharinagn)
32. Kurenai
33. Asuma
34. Might Guy (Eight Gate)
35. Anko
36. Sai
- Jounin Outfit Sai
37. Yamato
38. Jiraiya
- Jiraiya (Sage Mode)
39. Tsunade
40. Minato (Death God Seal Technique)
41. Kushina (Nine Tailed Fox)
42. Torune
43. Fu
44. Danzou (Sharingan Eyes Arm)
45. Third Hokage (Death God Seal Technique)
46. First Hokage
47. Second Hokage
48. Konohamaru
49. Hiashi (Byakugan)
50. Hizashi (Byakugan)

Hidden Mist Village Characters:
51. Zabuza
52. Haku
53. Mizukage Mei
54. Ao (Byakugan)
55. Chojuro
56. Yagura (Three Tailed Turtle)
57. Utakata (Six Tailed)
58. Second Mizukage
59. Mangetsu
60. Jinin
61. Kushimaru
62. Jinpachi
63. Fuguki

Hidden Sand Village Characters:
64. Baki
65. Chiyo
66. Fourth Kazekage

Hidden Cloud Village Characters:
67. Killer Bee (Eight Tailed Ox)
- Killer Bee (Eight Tailed Ox Version 2)
68. Raikage A (Lightning Armor)
69. C / Shii
70. Darui
71. Omoi
72. Karui
73. Samui
74. Yugito (Two Tailed Cat)
75. Kinkaku / Ginkaku (Six Tailed Fox)
76. Third Raikage

Hidden Rock Village Characters:
77. Tsuchikage Oonoki
78. Kurotsuchi
79. Akatsuchi (Gorem)
. Kitsuchi
80. Han (Five Tailed Horse)
81. Roshi (Four Tailed Monkey)
82. Second Tsuchikage Mu

Hidden Sound Village Characters:
83. Orochimaru
- Orochimaru (True Snake Form)
84. Kabuto
- Snake Kabuto (True Sanke Form)
85. Jirobo (CS Level 2)
86. Tayuya (CS Level 2)
87. Kidomaru (CS Level 2)
88. Sakon / Ukon (CS Level 2)
89. Kimmimaro (CS Level 2)

Taka Characters:
90. Suigetsu (Stronger Water Arm)
91. Jugo (CS Level 2)
92. Karin

Akatsuki Characters:
93. Madara (Sharingan)
- Old Mask Madara (Sharinagn)
- Rinnegan Madara (Rinnegan+Sharinagn + Gezo Medo)
94. Pain
95. Itachi (Mangekyo Sharingan + Susano'o)
- Tsukyomi Itachi (Sharingan)
96. Kisame (Shark Form)
97. Deidara (C2 Dragon)
98. Sasori (True Form)
99. Hidan (Skull Mode)
100. Kakuzu (Four Heart Mode)
101. Konan (Paper Angel Mode)
102. Zetsu

Miscellaneous Characters:
103. Fu (Seven Tailed Bug)
104. Hanzo
105. Mifune
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User Info: LordNomad72

6 years ago#2
This isn't real is it?

User Info: Jaded_Memory

6 years ago#3
^ No.

Unless this game is gonna take over half a year to come out, we definitely won't get anywhere near these characters. The anime is jumping onto a filler soon, too.
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User Info: Lexithanius

6 years ago#4
8 Narutos?! **** me in the ass with a ******************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:O
Put dat mayonnaise on yo child.

User Info: zrdle

6 years ago#5

Not likely, but really cool list though.

User Info: Yuki_No_Haku

6 years ago#6
Why... Why are you putting characters that haven't even fought onto this list?

And no. Sound THREE?! I mean REALLY? How are they ANY less important that the Sound 4, or say, the Kages' bodyguards outside of Darui and the Sand Siblings?

I mad.
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User Info: FireDigiXros

6 years ago#7
I mean my pretiction character list :)
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User Info: NarutoImagio

6 years ago#8
Most of the character list people are coming up with all over the internet are purely idiotic. We should at least try to be a little bit more realistic.

This is not Naruto Shippuden Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Every minor almost completely useless character will not be making an appearance.

User Info: Rikudo-Pein

6 years ago#9
I'm sure most of those hidden rain guys wont be in -_-
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