Tht Offical create your favorite Charcter's moveset

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User Info: BullsfanMW23

6 years ago#1
To piggyback off Debear in a prior topic, he had some great ideas about his perfect pts naruto and sakura. Im going to do Pein/Deva Path. Lets keep this going.

Pein/Deva path

Normal Jutsu- Bansho Tenin/ Universal Pull
Pein pulls the enemy toward him then he delievers a vicious kick to the face and the enemy goes flying into the air.

Ougi: Shira Tensei/ Almighty Push
The enemy goes dashing towards pein and pein lets them get really close then he performs the almighty push and the enemy gets pushed away against the ground like a ragdoll. You can see the ground underneath pain begin to shatter when he perform sthis.

Awakening- Pein takes his robe off( in a non gay way) and you can briefly see Nagato's eyes above him and then Pein takes off.

Normal Jutsu- Water Release: Violent Water Wave
Pein shoots a strong burst or water at his opponent

Ougi: Chibaku Tensei
Pein creates a Huge Dark Sphere that sucks everything into it only leaving a Huge Crater. Then the camera switches to Deva Paths face and he has a stern look then he says Pain is necessary for change then he releases the Crater and it explodes upon impact on the ground.

User Info: ositadima

6 years ago#2

Normal Jutsu- rotation

Ougi: neji 128 palm the finishes off with Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body

Awakening- the goes into byakugan mode with increased speed and heighten awareness this means grab and ougis don't work

Normal Jutsu- Palm Heel Strike

Ougi: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms then Eight Trigrams Empty Wall Palm

User Info: XxNathan13Xx

6 years ago#3
Naruto/Rikoudo Naruto

Normal jutsu: Rasengan Barrage - Naruto forms two Rasengan in his hand before attacking the opponent with them; 3 second cut scene.

UJ: Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasen Tarengan - Naruto enters Sage Mode before creating multiple clones and jumping into the air. Then, with that done, Naruto and his clones each perform a Super Giant Rasengan before coming down on the opponent with the multiple giant spheres; and thus dealing massive damage.

Awakening: Rikoudo Mode - Naruto enters a cloaked yellow form with resmblence to the Rikoudo Sennin; appearnce change and different move set.

Jutsu: Wind Style: Mini Rasenshuriken - Naruto creates a mini Rasenshuriken with his index finger, before launching it at the opponent; 4-5 second cutscene.

UJ: Rasenkyuugan - Naruto creates a giant Rasengan on his back, before beginning to pull the opponent in; and thus absorbing them.
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User Info: Some_Pink_Fluff

6 years ago#4
(If they decide to use 4 jutsus for each tilt circle. Tilts =/= triangle/y jutsu)


tilt circle left, switch to animal path (female) (triangle/y jutsu: giant centipede)
tilt circle right, switch to hell realm path, or "Naraka path" (triangle/y jutsu: outer path)
tilt circle down, switch to hungry ghost realm path, or "Preta path" (triangle/y jutsu: immunity to all jutsu, used as counter attack)
tilt circle up, switch back to deva path (triangle/y jutsu: almighty push, in air too)

(details: every path has the same moveset except for jutsu which are unique to their path)

grab: universal pull. has slight range like Lee's primary lotus

combos details: completely new combo moveset due to all paths being assigned to tilts

main special jutsu: same as UNS2

transformation: none


tilt left, AI controlled water clone
tilt right, great waterfall tech
tilt down, throws his sword like a boomerang (medium range)
tilt up, barrage of sword slices akin to Hidan's "soul hunt"

combos details: nothing specific

grab: water prison jutsu into slice

jutsu: water dragon jutsu

main special jutsu: hidden mist jutsu

transformation(s): generic ultimate
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