PS3 or ps4?

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User Info: raingamer011

3 years ago#11
kasim1986 posted...
Is it worth to get a ps4 copy bc I own a ps3 gta 5??

Yes, There will be more npc`'s and vehicles in the ps4 because the ps3 couldn't handle that many detailed character models the same time, plus it will have better textures, lighting and resolution.. After watching the PS4 versions... Playing PS3 version feels so lifeless and more like GTA 4.. I can't wait until November to enjoy GTA 5 the way it was meant to be played, without 8 year console limitations holding,it,back....

Rockstar are also throwing in extras...more DLC, maybe single player DLC

User Info: DeadlyPurpose18

3 years ago#12
If you already have a PS4 then I'd say go for it for all the reasons raingamer011 listed. If you don't have s PS4 yet, then I wouldn't buy one just for this game. Still waiting for a PS4 system selling game, myself.

raingamer011 posted...
Rockstar are also throwing in extras...more DLC, maybe single player DLC

Haven't heard anything about this. I'd like a source confirming this, if not too much trouble.
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User Info: TheSuperGameGod

3 years ago#13
Whatever R* has in mind is yet to be revealed, so we should take any assumptions with a grain of salt. The chances of the PS4 version including SP extra missions (PS3 downloadable through PSN) is very high; perhaps introducing new protagonists that tie in to the whole storyline, and Franklin heading his own score. We will probably be introduced to some spoilers towards the end of next month, or possibly even sooner.
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