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User Info: acolytes

5 years ago#21
"Your therapist has got a lot to answer for."

Crazy drug addict is going to be great comic relief.
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User Info: doofy102

5 years ago#22
My dream for GTA has been that it can supply Uncharted-like moments, randomly, in the sandbox engine.

It looks like that dream has been realised...
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User Info: AshyLarry

5 years ago#23
Man still nothing about the blimps
Mofat Projects, Mofat son what

User Info: ma9

5 years ago#24

what do you think happened?
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User Info: Wheeper

5 years ago#25
Everything looks good.
The best is yet to come.

User Info: plo617

5 years ago#26
The trailer didn't wow me, but it's a day 1 buy regardless.

User Info: deltamustang_65

5 years ago#27
ma9 posted...

what do you think happened?

Michael's (that's the older guy, right?) kid tried to talk "street" in front of them.
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User Info: CKnight

5 years ago#28
DanielMcBeerluv posted...
It looks a lot bigger than Liberty City.

Yeah they said bigger than Liberty City and San Andreas combined with woods, desert and stuff.

Game looks to be huge with single player content.

User Info: bender8877

5 years ago#29
I guess this OFFICIALLY puts the Vercetti rumors to rest...
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User Info: __Pent__

5 years ago#30
bender8877 posted...
I guess this OFFICIALLY puts the Vercetti rumors to rest...

The GI article made it pretty clear that Vercetti changed his name, and is in fact Michael.

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