Still No Female Protagonists?

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User Info: _white_rabbit

5 years ago#21
Chagen46 posted...
_white_rabbit posted...
Chagen46 posted...
DarkchocolateX posted...
Sigh, Female protagonists don't fit GTA. They are just not cool enough. If you want to play as a women, i suggest you to put on a wig, makup and a dress.

They don't "fit" GTA? To what? Your prejudiced and misogynistic mind? It's people like you who make me feel disgusted to be a man. You disgrace your gender with such ignorance and regressive world-views.

Guess what Chagen's favourite word is!

Anywho. You won't get into any girls pants championing their cause as you seem to love doing. You'll be in the corner, friendzoned, with a serious case of blue balls.

First of all, I, being an educated man, have more important things in life to worry about than getting into chick's pants, like studying to be a Linguistics professor.

Second, women tend to like you better when you're not treating them like objects.

Well that's not so bad - women definitely like men who we can consider "linguists", especially if they're cunning.......
"You wouldn't know the truth if you found it banging your wife; now shut up and release my client. And your wife's not that great." K Rosenburg

User Info: adz-spec

5 years ago#22
You beat me to it. lol.
PSN: adz-spec

User Info: Phazon2000

5 years ago#23
You may be a cunning linguist....

But I'm a master debater.
...when its not your turn.

User Info: Mega_Skrull

5 years ago#24
The TC is wrong, wanting to force a female disregarding the story, but the sexist absolutists are even worse, their reasons for excluding female characters are just stupid.
I'm all for whatever character fits the story they came up with. "=[_]=! Bump some other boobs, will ya?!" - p
"That sounds so perverted, dude. ._." - M

User Info: nativengine

5 years ago#25
You'll all get a kick outta this. From the 360 board on the same subject.

nativengine posted...
Because they know you can only play the game 23-25 days outta the month with a female protagonist.

And the response I got

Misogynists like you make me disgusted to be a man.

Guess by who?
Vegetarian- an old Indian word meaning bad hunter
"Anderson should face two people next time, he's that good"
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: spaz12

5 years ago#28
stop replying to this thread you mongs.
MuFF haT Inc.

User Info: wokiboy67

5 years ago#29
I am sure there will be a transsexual or two in this game. Then everyone should be satisfied,right? TC, you're just trying to create a mindless discussion.
Never forgive,never forget.

User Info: nativengine

5 years ago#30
DarkchocolateX posted...
Has to be that disguisting fat feminist woman pretending to be a man on the GTA boards that starts with a C and ends with hagen46

Ding ding ding
Vegetarian- an old Indian word meaning bad hunter
"Anderson should face two people next time, he's that good"
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