You know it's going to be 2013 by the time this game comes out...

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User Info: L4YER_CAKE

5 years ago#1
and in all that time we still cant have a female playable character in a gta? I was really disappointed when I read about the three playable characters and they were all male. This wouldnt matter too much but the game sounds really good, and the way you can jump between players sounds phenomenal.

It's more disappointing because if gta IV and red dead redemption are any indication then rockstar is fully capable of writing compelling female characters. Why cant we play them?

It's not just rockstar either, I've been saying since brotherhood that Assassins creed needs a female lead and when they finally do make one its only on the vita. God forbid they take a chance and make a full fledged console release with a girl character.

Say what you will about saints row, but they at least gave you the choice to play a female since part two.
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User Info: Tomar-Re

5 years ago#2

Another person crying about this, nothing much to see.
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User Info: wokiboy67

5 years ago#3
Never forgive,never forget.

User Info: Phazon2000

5 years ago#4
If Mods actually cared, they'd make good on any "trolling" moderation marks for this topic.
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User Info: Fadhiltheb

5 years ago#5
Another one of these hold on i'll be right back *walks into other room and bangs head on wall*

User Info: VectorChaos

5 years ago#6
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User Info: nativengine

5 years ago#7
Mother f******, are we just gonna do this everyday? We get it you wanna be a chick. How's about you make your own game, make it have a female protagonist. Until then, let Rockstar make their game the way they want and stfu.
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User Info: sickbullet

5 years ago#8
Get a some paper cut out a circle the size of the to be confirmed head have some blu-tack near by then draw a smiley face on it add eyeliner to how you wish you could even get some cotton wool and add it around the circle, get your blu-tack and stick on your TV where the head is and boom you got a female looking character.

Or then again stop this whinging and let Rockstar do the bizz.
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User Info: L4YER_CAKE

5 years ago#9
Woah Jesus, calm down nerds! I'm sorry if there were already 1000's of topics on this same subject. I made this topic at almost three in the morning and at the time there were no others on page 1 and as a predominantly male site I didnt think this would be a popular topic, so I didn't bother to search. I'm so sorry I went ahead and wrecked your whole day by posting my opinion.

I'm not some troll, I didnt come to your precious board just to piss you all off and I'm not planning on sticking around, especially if this is any indication of what the community is like around here. My only question isf this is such a popular troll topic why didnt you all just let it die instead of keeping alive by insulting me?

I thought the cod boards were full of jerks, but damn, a guy just wants to talk gaming with some good people and this is what happens?

All the best fellas.
Braid. Save the princess. Contemplate the world. Save yourself.

User Info: ModneyRullen

5 years ago#10
Perfect dark anyone? Surely one of the greatest fps games or even greatest games of all time. Female lead has been done. Who cares if it gets done again as long as the game is awesome which gtav will be.
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