Should Cheats Return?

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User Info: xHiggsx

4 years ago#1
I personally think so. The cheats in past GTA games, such as GTA San Andreas and GTA IV were really fun. I thought GTA IV's cheats lacked a lot in quantity compared to GTA San Andreas' cheats. So, what do you think? Do you think they should return?
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User Info: DrLobotomy

4 years ago#2
I have nothing against them, but truth be told, I never use them.

The only cheats I've ever used in a GTA game were the no wanted levels ones and only after I had 100% completion.

User Info: Hellraiser555

4 years ago#3
For the love of everything we hold dear, YES!
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User Info: yami_riku

4 years ago#4
Totally! I want my jetpack lol
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User Info: YoshiMan123

4 years ago#5
Peds riot + peds with weapons = amazing
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User Info: pITUFo_cRUDo

4 years ago#6
What kind of question is that? Of course there needs to be cheats! What kind of GTA would that be w/o them? The kind I will not play. That's what kind.

User Info: THE_JOKE_KING33

4 years ago#7
YoshiMan123 posted...
Peds riot + peds with weapons = amazing

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User Info: Time

4 years ago#8
Yes, I need to be able to drive around in a flying car again, I hated that the flying cars cheat wasn't in GTA IV. - Free Image Hosting. - GameFAQs Karma Calculator.

User Info: Phazon2000

4 years ago#9
Who's going to say no when they're optional?
and all the pieces matter.

User Info: adz-spec

4 years ago#10
No. **** options.
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