Attn Delta_Mustang: Q's about Moscow.

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User Info: _white_rabbit

4 years ago#21
adz-spec posted...
_white_rabbit posted...
LOL so hard!

Thanks for noticing.

It's difficult not to... ;)
"You wouldn't know the truth if you found it banging your wife; now shut up and release my client. And your wife's not that great." K Rosenburg

User Info: adz-spec

4 years ago#22
Now that's what I like to hear.
PSN: adz-spec

User Info: John_Marsten

4 years ago#23
jqh97116 posted...
deltamustang_65 posted...
Tofu342 posted...
_white_rabbit posted...
LOL so hard!

"User Name John_Marsten
User ID 6030256
Board User Level 3: Purgatory
Account suspended for a set period of time by an admin for numerous and/or severe TOS violations"

So... you're a snitch?

I marked his topics. Problem?

And before you get your heart set on some internet gangstaland retaliation, take into consideration that I probably wasn't the only one.

You were. Flooding is cool brah.

I know
I put the "YOU" in ImprYOUvement

User Info: deltamustang_65

4 years ago#24
Trolling off topic in your own troll topic. What a guy.
Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.
PSN: DeltaMustang65 GT5 Garage:
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