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User Info: digUbetterdead

4 years ago#1
has there been any mention of the way this works? ive been playing rdr again lately and its made me wonder. in single player the left analog stick is walk by default, no matter how much you press it forward, and you have to hold x to run and tap x to sprint. but in multiplayer if you press the stick more than halfway forward you start to run, and holding x is to sprint.. just like it was last gen. i really hope its that way this time around too. for single and multi player.

User Info: doofy102

4 years ago#2
It'll probably be like Red Dead. In a chilled out situation, the characters walks. In a shootout, the character runs/jogs.
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User Info: Tactical_Spork

4 years ago#3
IV was the same as last gen....
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User Info: tomandsam

4 years ago#4
Tactical_Spork posted...
IV was the same as last gen....

No. Last gen games made your character jog if the stick is pushed all the way, and walk if pushed halfway. Sprinting was done by holding or tapping the X button. In GTA IV, your character always walks when not holding X. Holding it makes it a jog, while tapping it makes him sprint. In multiplayer, it was the same as last gen.
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User Info: Gmoney-

4 years ago#5
Personally like the way 4 did it but I like to take in the city and walk around.
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User Info: adz-spec

4 years ago#6
Much prefer holding X to jog and tapping X to sprint.
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User Info: vivalatour

4 years ago#7
adz-spec posted...
Much prefer holding X to jog and tapping X to sprint.

yes , keep it simple ..

User Info: ducksfan11222

4 years ago#8
Customizable movement speeds make it happen R* or pre-order cancelled.

User Info: Lucasdar7

4 years ago#9
this is where xbox fails. we ps3 people get to press shapes. While they have to press letters. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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