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User Info: vivalatour

4 years ago#11
I sure wish we were talking about what heists we are enjoying the most instead of reading the same posts that were out about 6 months ago ...

User Info: Doublesided_Poo

4 years ago#12
Davimus518 posted...
Some of the features I'd like to see may be less realistic compared to ones I see that are more plausible,

1) Domestic animals such as cats, dogs

2) Ability to move around the inside of the vehicle and interact in it whether passenger or driver

3) Children/babies

4) Sewers that you can explore

5) The ability to enter every building

6) Destruction, even if it's temporary (such as buildings burning, crumbling, parts blown off, etc...)

7) Gore (limbs blown off, guts blown out, chunks of flesh blown out, realistic damage to limbs, so if legs get shot up they crawl around or limp, etc...)

8) The ability to customized properties, buying furniture, setting style, etc...

9) Cryptoids/mysteries, rare occurrences that spawn randomly on the map or happen 1 in 1,000 times in a specific area, such as Bigfoot in the forest, UFO in the sky, Ghost in an abandoned house, Sea Creature in the ocean, El Chupacabra in the desert

10) Difficulty options with more realistic restrictions such as the need to eat/drink, go to the bathroom and sleep

11) Small interactable objects in buildings such as stores, aka a shelf filled with appropriate objects you can throw around or knock over

12) No invisible borders except the world barriers

13) The ability to climb/parkour with certain characters

14) No static items except for buildings/trees

Yes....umm...there is a problem there, there isn't going to be children in a GTA game. Ever. It would get too much backlash and I mean, come on, it's going to be a little messed up hitting a child with a van or something. Oh, and don't even get me started about babies.
I'm a brony. Deal with it.

User Info: SerenitySix

4 years ago#13
This kinda bull s***. I made this same topic weeks ago, and no one even really acknowledged it -.-
'You think you want it to stay the same, but what you really want is to make it disappear' -Angel, The Vampire with a soul

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