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User Info: uNc0nTr011aB13

4 years ago#1
RDR: GotY had a hardcore mode, what about V? If Rockstar makes a hardcore mode for V, I want them to go all out and really punish us. Here's some ideas (feel free to add ideas/thoughts/etc.):

-You only take a few hits before dying and it takes a full 30 seconds to regenerate health

-No mini-map

-Enemies are smarter and more aggressive

-Money is harder to earn and things are more expensive

-Law enforcement search radius is doubled and they check every nook and cranny

-More easily detected during stealth

-Vehicle crashes deal tremendous damage

-Opponents during races will race smarter rather than aggressively ramming into everything and crashing
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User Info: ThatTSguy13

4 years ago#2
As a person with OCD, it would really irk me to have this in the game, since said OCD would push me to get through it and finish it at least once. I'm all for a hardcore more, but in my opinion some of these things might be a bit excessive. If we're dying in a few shots ("few" being 3 or 4) then regeneration in 30 seconds would play no role. since it only regenerates 50%. At the damage output you suggest, one shot would probably equal 50% of your health or more. Unless you were referring to a few shots killing you from full health, not full armor, in which case I guess you'd die in 6 to 7 shots. Either way, regen would be completely useless.

There's already an option to get rid of the mini map, but in any case, this one seems like it would just be annoying, since it would force you to constantly pause the game and look at the full map to see where you're going. Unless you study the map up and down and know exactly where everything is and where you need to go just by a character saying something like "We need to go to Avenue X", or constantly having one of those GPS vehicles.

Smarter and more aggressive enemies - Sure, I'm all for this one.

Money is harder to earn and things are more expensive - This one seems fine to me too. Money has always been kind of abundant in GTA. I always get my weapons from drops around the map anyway whenever I can (except when I'm too lazy to look for several clips of a specific weapon). Besides that, the only thing to spend on are clothes and properties, and once you have all of them, the rest of your money will just waste away in your bank account (since I can't see things like tattoos and food costing enough to make a difference to your wallet).

Law enforcement - Making the search radius bigger would make more sense I suppose, and the cops searching every nook sounds all right too, as long as they don't "magically" know what nook you're hiding in. I want them to spread out and actually search, not immediately head straight to the alley where I'm hiding...

More easily detected during stealth - Not sure how this would work, but sure.

Vehicles crashes dealing tremendous damage - I guess this would be less annoying with the whole regeneration thing, but "tremendous" will probably make regeneration not even matter. At the same time, if enemies are more aggressive, they're going to be ramming into you over and over during chases, not to mention with such a high damage output, a single bullet will tear your health down to half or less. These two things coupled together would make for very tedious mission repetition until you got lucky and passed it. I'd rather keep it like it was in IV and only receive damage inside of cars when being shot at or smashing through the windshield.

Racing opponents - This one makes sense, although it would also make the races incredibly easy to win since the A.I. would be more concentrated on not crashing than going fast enough to actually win.

If they do implement some kind of hardcore more, no matter how punishing it is, the ONE thing I would hope for is that it is available right from the start. No having to beat the game first before attempting it, I wanna get it out of the way in one go.

In the end, it makes no difference to me if there's a hard more or how difficult it is, but these are my thoughts on what you said and everything I typed reflects my own personal opinion and is in no way meant to offend, irk or otherwise ruffle anyone's feathers.

User Info: Psycho_Yautja

4 years ago#3
I would be fine with everything but a couple of things.

No mini map - Would seem like a farce pausing the game and looking at the map all the time, had enough of that in Far Cry 2.

Damage and Regeneration - For the reasons the above user stated
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User Info: crazyj10

4 years ago#4
This "hardcore" mode of yours seems more like a "realism" mode. Besides, I don't feel GTA is the kind of game for high difficulty, the general design decisions they do for it just doesn't fit. I don't mind challenge here, I just don't want to be dying on the same mission 50 times.
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