Think we will go to Liberty City in this?

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  3. Think we will go to Liberty City in this?

User Info: Ave07

4 years ago#1
There was a mission in San Andreas where you took a jet to Liberty City which was short but kinda cool, think we will go to Liberty City for a mission in this game?

User Info: Helban

4 years ago#2
Anything is possible with the pursuit of the all might dollar as the incentive. Though personally, I'd rather have a mission which sends you to Vice City, San Fiero, or Los Venturas, just to get a glimpse of them in HD.

User Info: agentkb2001

4 years ago#3
^^^ This
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User Info: ma9

4 years ago#4
Hmmm.. maybe an assault to Club Malibu? in HD
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User Info: adz-spec

4 years ago#5
I doubt it. Rockstar seem intent on making GTA V it's own game and not seen as a sequel to GTA IV. They're set in the same universe but the connections between the two will be minimal, unlike the GTA 3 series.
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User Info: the_gribble

4 years ago#6
I hope it stays in Los Santos because I hate it when games make you go somewhere cool on a mission but you can never go back to it again. Just knowing that LV or SF is in the game but I can't free roam there would make me want to kill someone.
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  3. Think we will go to Liberty City in this?

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