GTA V needs nudity

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User Info: HELLWOLF06

4 years ago#31
Boojie posted...
TheGame32 posted...
oh giddy, pixelated nudity!! whoopwhoop!!

seriously, why is that even needed? I doubt it would add anything to the game or story. if you wanna see nudity, just google it.

If it's nudity for novelty's sake, then yeah, there's not much point to it. However, if it's a part of the story, even loosely, nudity can add an important element to the story.

For example, the nudity in L. A. Noire was used effectively to show the sheer brutality against one villain's female victims. When most players (I'm assuming) saw those victims at the crime scenes, it stirred up an emotional response that changed the cold, clinical analysis of a crime scene into something that made us want to get revenge on the killer.

GTA fits into the genre of satire, so nudity could be effectively used in a humorous or dark (or both) way in order to craft a better world, tell a better story, or make a better point.

games are about having fun so why cant nudity be in for the sake of having fun (sure it would be a different kind of fun but it would still be for the sake of fun )
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User Info: Syco Clown

Syco Clown
4 years ago#32
I have nothing against an adult game containing adult content.
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User Info: Razor2602

4 years ago#33
TheRockSez611 posted...
Considering how everyone is going crazy over scantily clad women in Dragon's Crown, I don't think we're ready for realistic nudity in our GTA. I am, but I'm just saying.

Yes and no, the sorceroress is so huge its crazy and she runs with her arm behind her head, i have NO idea why that wouldnt help in any combat related situation and the effort they put into the jiggling is overdone

User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#34
rockstar makes no sense,if they wanna show nudity show sexy hot women

im am not interested in watching wee wee and also the fat women in red dead redempion

and whats up with the few second nudity scenes?whats the point lol
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User Info: adz-spec

4 years ago#35
And what would be the point of longer scenes?
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User Info: Johnny Blaque

Johnny Blaque
4 years ago#36
Gta been had nudity since 4.

User Info: Lord_Ka1n

4 years ago#37
everything is better with nudity.
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