Grand Theft Auto V Disc or Digital?

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User Info: ShinjiEx

3 years ago#1
Grand Theft Auto V Disc or Digital? - Results (550 votes)
76.55% (421 votes)
23.45% (129 votes)
This poll is now closed.
HDD Space Needed

8GB Disc Mandatory Partial Install

18GB Digital Full Game Download

(Note more free HDD space may be needed for Digital Version)

Disc you get fold out map as usual

Digital you get XMB Theme with 75% off select Rockstar Games + in game Blimp
before September 17th via pre-order

(Note in game Blimp comes with pre-orders in general)
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User Info: Miz_iZ_AwSOme_X

3 years ago#2
not this again.
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User Info: doctordanger99

3 years ago#3
If i didnt have such a small harddrive i would do digital simply because its so easy. But its my back up plan if for whatever reason they run out of copies at the midnite launch.
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User Info: Dr_Throatpunch

3 years ago#4
I couldn't have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition if I went digital.

User Info: Cyrlous

3 years ago#5
I guess maybe I'm old school, but I just love having a disc. It really pisses me off that basically every PC game nowadays requires online server connection so there's no real point to owning the disc.
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User Info: Nintendosuks

3 years ago#6
I have a 500 gig super slim so space isnt an issue. Plus I don't have to leave my house and I won't be tempted trade it in. I always trade in games I've beat for a new game I want if I'm lacking on funds and always regret it. I've bought skyrim 3 times lol. If its on my HDD I have to keep it. I've been doing this alot lately to games I know I will want to keep. TLoU-Diablo 3-Infinite-Demons Souls etc....I will wake up Tuesday morning and it will be downloaded and installed when I turn on my console. Already requested the day off. Can't wait. GTAV is going to be simply amazing and I've heard the gameplay has Max Payne,RDR,and Midnight Club along with GTA elements (obviously)all wrapped up in one epic game. I can't wait to see how R* blended this in the game to make everything so smooth.
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User Info: LostSkittles212

3 years ago#7
Dr_Throatpunch posted...
I couldn't have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition if I went digital.

Same, plus i just like having a physical copy. If it gets a PS4 release ill probably go with a Digital version then
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User Info: Dr_Kain

3 years ago#8

If I don't like the game, I can sell it off. I can put it on my shelf with my other GTA or PS3 game. I can look at the artwork on the box. I can read the back of the box. I have a physical product to show what I paid $60 for. I don't have it taking up huge amounts of space of my PS3 that I prefer to use for free games. And most of all, IT IS MINE!!!! I can do with it as I please.
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User Info: SethForsman

3 years ago#9
Disc, obviously. I want to play the game on Tuesday when it releases, not the following Thursday when the traffic to the PSN dies down enough that anyone can actually connect and download it.

User Info: threedown

3 years ago#10
disc, i have some gamestop gift cards to use. i have recently bought some games digitally though, im not against it. depends on the game and whether i might want to sell it later or not, sometimes im too lazy to drive to buy a game so i just download it.
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