How do I change a characters default car?

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User Info: Killface99

3 years ago#11
You can't change your personal car, and cars do go missing.

I had an Adder, which I fully upgraded, that went missing. It wasn't in my garage, safehouse, or the impound lot. Just gone forever.
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User Info: wizaerd

3 years ago#12
After the first couple of missions, I parked Franklins car in his garage, then ran around for a while before I jacked someone elses car. Ended up doing one of the Strangers and Freaks missions, got a motorcycle for my efforts. Drove it home, and was going to put it into the garage, but there were two of Franklins default cars in there. Couldn't get the bike in, couldn't get into either car to pull either of them out. Went on playing, came back to the garage later and both cars were missing...
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User Info: maxpower8888

3 years ago#13
If you store it in a property Garage I think it saves, but if you store it in your Safehouse garage I think it will disappear.

User Info: Ebak_the_cat

3 years ago#14
When it comes to personalised vehicles here are some tips:

*Do not store an expensive or valuable car in the home garage of your character. Store them in the alternate garage that are available.

*Make sure that when you take a car you'd want to keep on a mission that if you have to leave it at some point you record where you left it using a point of interest map marker. The game seems to remember that you left that car there and it SHOULD be waiting for you.

*If its not where you parked it after a cutscene, look around, it may be nearby.

*Anticipate when you'll need to turn the game off and make sure you store said vehicle(s) back in its/their garage first before manually saving at a safe house.
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User Info: Pal 080

Pal 080
3 years ago#15
Uh-oh, my FIB Emergency better still be in Franklins new house! Thosae things are a real hassle to get!
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User Info: Napius

3 years ago#16
Yeah, I don't put any cars I care about in the safehouse garages. They disappear, and I've even switched over to Franklin once to discover him driving the car I put in his garage.

Has anyone had any issues with cars disappearing out of the Grove Street or Vinewood garages? My plan was to customize a car and leave it in one of them, but I want to make sure they're not glitched too.

User Info: stevonzo

3 years ago#17
I only modify the cars I know I can keep... their default cars and the Elegy that I can choose from my 4 car garages. Haven't modified any others because of the chance of them going AWOL. Although I did park a Banshee in Michaels home garage and it has been there almost the whole game, has never disappeared, can't say the same for cars in Franklin and Trevor's garages though.

As for the question of cars disappearing from the bigger garages? I have yet to have that happen, I have 4 cars stored in each one and they are always there when I come back.

User Info: vind3d

3 years ago#18
I don't put Franklin's default car in the safe house garage. I keep the Porche or Vette in there.
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User Info: theklassklown

3 years ago#19
its weird, because for some reason instead of the nice black car Michael has as his default care, it changed to a ugly red one. Am I missing something here?

User Info: NE_PatriotsFan

3 years ago#20
bultje112 posted...
you can't I think but I hope they fix this

It doesnt need "fixing" because its not a technical problem...the game stated each character has their own unique cars. Its a design decision. If you want to store other cars, buy more houses.
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