Altruist Cult Location?

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User Info: Cryo_Bomber

4 years ago#1
I encountered the drunk guys with Trevor but took them home instead of to the Cult. Now I don't see the cult location on my map.

I just saved a girl from kidnapping and I want to take her to the cult but don't know where to go!

Help meh!

User Info: flakmunkey

4 years ago#2
You cant take everyone there, its usually drunk people and hitchhikers. The icon will only appear on missions that have the option, if its not there its not an option. Also its always in the same place, way up on the mountain.
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User Info: Cryo_Bomber

4 years ago#3
Oh, thanks! I guess I'll just have to rescue the kidnapped girl then :/

User Info: Sunricer

4 years ago#4
"More hitchhikers has disappeared in the mountains".

User Info: jeffdmaples

4 years ago#5
Anyone know the reward for taking them there?

User Info: Sig35235

4 years ago#6
Around $1,000
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