who do the 3 main protagonists remind u of?

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User Info: ajbrand

4 years ago#11
Franklin reminds me of C.J.
Michael reminds me of Ray Liota (Henry Hill) in witness protection at the end of Goodfellas.
My Trevor has a mullet and a full beard, I have all the clothes and the black sunglasses from Amunation and he is a total "Duck Dynasty." I'm waiting for a red, white and blue bandana.
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User Info: MGSKojima

4 years ago#12
When putting the stubble beard on Franklin, he keeps reminding me of Tyler Perry for some reason...just with a slightly wider head.

User Info: Copyright2011

4 years ago#13
The three stooges. Too bad we can't replace em with the 3 stooges
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User Info: ma9

4 years ago#14
Michael = Neil McCauley of Heat played by Robert De Niro
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User Info: woodbine001

4 years ago#15
My Michael has a bald head & beard - def. looks like the chunky Max Payne from MP3.


User Info: goodfella_zac

4 years ago#16
Michael - Michael Madsen
Franklin - Tre Styles + Doughboy
Trevor - Beetlejuice
Woo Pig Sooie
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User Info: jackynkurttims

4 years ago#17
The stereotypes for what 14 year olds think are edgy and interesting videogame characters.
Pawn: Sasha

User Info: VipersMemory

4 years ago#18
Michael: Tony soprano with a little ray liota.
Franklin: Craig from Friday/Ice cube(voice is almost spot on)
Trevor: Otis from house of 1000 corpses/Devils rejects. Go no shirt, camouflage cargo pants, mullet and beard he's a spitting image. His psychotic dialog and actions are similar too
GT: VipersMemory
Chad Warden > Major Nelson.
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  3. who do the 3 main protagonists remind u of?

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