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User Info: Gantar180

3 years ago#1
Hey there, guys. I'm having trouble finding this one letter scrap and was wondering if I could get some help. I'm using the map on Rockstar's Social Club website, and it says it's located here:

But I can't find it anywhere, and I found a player-created map that doesn't even show a letter scrap in that location. So is Rockstar's map just wrong, or is it just really hard to find?
PSN: Gantar180

User Info: Thompson

3 years ago#2
There's a railway that goes underneath the road. The letter scrap is in an alcove on the west side of the tunnel.
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User Info: Gantar180

3 years ago#3
I wondered if it was underground, but didn't immediately see a way to go underground. Anyways, I have all of the pieces now. Thanks!
PSN: Gantar180

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