Grand Theft Auto has become a joke

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User Info: Tonkinator

3 years ago#21
While there are things in this game I think could of been improved upon, GTA has kept it's comical nature since GTA III.

You can't admit that Carl Johnson was 'not' a comical character. You can't admit that GTA III was poking fun at Liberty City.

I don't like Trevor that much either, but going by what you're saying, the entire franchise has become a joke because GTA V went and took a different path from what GTA IV had taken.

Do your homework next time.
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User Info: jackynkurttims

3 years ago#22
My main problem is that a lot of the humour felt very 'Duke Nukem Forever' - like they're trying a bit too hard.
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User Info: LeJonGriff

3 years ago#23
Then just wait for Watch_Dogs
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User Info: Joey2cool

3 years ago#24
Since III the series has always been comical and satirical.
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User Info: Yelnam-26

3 years ago#25
Razor2602 posted...
Isnt GTA a satirical view on the modern world though?

Mostly American satire but there's probably world wide satire in it as well.
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User Info: Boutchie23

3 years ago#26
Yeah, Brucie, Roman, Yousef weren't terrible stereotypes at all...
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User Info: JosephDMcDaniel

3 years ago#27
GTA has always been that way. Its just more obvious in the more recent installments because advances in tech.
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User Info: Yelnam-26

3 years ago#28
Speaking of Brucie his Bull shark testosterone is sold in Los Santos. Just thought I would let everyone know.
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User Info: drakor180

3 years ago#29
nizam216 posted...
Captain_Sexy_T posted...
Why do I come here again? This place is so cynical...

User Info: Martano

3 years ago#30
plo617 posted...
I have to agree on the character part. However, I loved the missions in this game. It's the best out of all of the GTA games, and I've also been a big fan since GTA1. That said, I would love to play a GTA game that was a bit more serious.

Perhaps the next GTA game could have different characters that have stories that are separate. That way you could have different tones and themes without them compromising each other.

The missions are not great. There is a late game mission where you literally drive from Floyd's apartment to a strip club.
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