What's the best song you heard so far in GTAV?

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  3. What's the best song you heard so far in GTAV?

User Info: KingEmperor

3 years ago#11
If You Leave Me Now by Chicago. A personal favorite of mine. Glad they put this song in the game.

User Info: Immortal_hidan2

3 years ago#12
Hood Gone Love it
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User Info: jpridgen0

3 years ago#13
Life of a Mack
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User Info: Red Lobstar

Red Lobstar
3 years ago#14
I agree, the Kenny Loggins song is my favorite, also Convoy is right up there too.

User Info: wayloski1

3 years ago#15
Johnny Cash - General Lee
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User Info: PhantomOfDOpera

3 years ago#16
I like kendrick lamars songs.
Tupacs and vybz kartel.

User Info: The Hunter

The Hunter
3 years ago#17
I Can't Wait - Stevie Nicks.
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User Info: Thermador446

3 years ago#18
Since Baker Street is the greatest song ever, I'm gonna have to go with that
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User Info: Boutchie23

3 years ago#19
Miami Horror, Sometimes
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User Info: rikimaru_k19

3 years ago#20
bigtiggie23 posted...
I'm Free by Kenny Loggins

Also it wasn't until a few nights ago that I learned Loggins was the DJ for that station.

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  3. What's the best song you heard so far in GTAV?

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