Altruist Cult victims

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User Info: KoRnKoB

3 years ago#1
I read a topic about the people Trevor can take to the Altruist Cult to get the side mission where he has to shoot his way out. I read a few people had taken the lady that lives by the lighthouse and the guy that has been cheating on his wife to the cult. However, I've been picking these people up with Franklin. I'm guessing they're not character specific? I deliberately failed the mission with the golfer guy because I wanted to take them to the cult with Trevor.

I also heard some of them are better left alive? Which ones exactly?
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User Info: peephole303

3 years ago#2
well one like the golfer guy gives you access to play golf

User Info: elusive

3 years ago#3
I took the bride there not knowing and felt bad after...

User Info: SlowResistance

3 years ago#4
save before you take them to their location to see if they are worth saving, if not take them to the cult.

User Info: AnonUnknown

3 years ago#5
I took the drunken couple, the other drunken guy and the runaway bride. I did it just to unlock the other random event.

- The mafia woman who was close to be buried alive (Antonia Bottino) gives you 60k bucks
- Ursula (the crazy lighthouse woman) can be used for "booty call"
- The golf guy becomes a golf partner
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