BAWSAQ down?

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User Info: KoRnKoB

3 years ago#1
Just wondering if BAWSAQ is down as a result of online... Or is it just my connection being a pain? It has happened before but I haven't been able to check BAWSAQ in a couple of days now.
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User Info: Madigari

3 years ago#2
The BAWSAQ (and online) is working for me. Though, all yesterday, it didn't update at all.
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User Info: James Mason

James Mason
3 years ago#3
They better fix the BAWSAQ ASAP....

I just got online, only to see my Pisswasser auctions at -100%... A couple seconds later, it said BAWSAQ was down. I decided to Quit GTA for the day, waiting for this poop to get sorted out.

I had all my money on all three characters on Pisswasser... That's 1000 Millions per character... And judging from what I see, selling at -100% is basically forfetting every single cent you put into the auction... So it would be a 3000 million loss. Thank god I have a backup save a couple hours before in case that never gets fixed.

I restrained myself from selling since it's bound to be a bug and hopefully it'll be fixed and back into a positive number soon... But that's extremely scary in any case. I'm sure i'm not the only person who is freaked out about this, and i'm sure some people will have broken their save by selling their stock at that low percentage... I almost panicked for a second and sold them on Mike, then I looked at the number and I realised it was about the exact amount of cash I had put in the auctions... Which would mean I would be totally broke.

I had a great time with GTA since launch , but ever since that stupid GTA online mode patch, I had all my rare melee weapons and molotovs dissapear on me every time I bother tracking them down, I keep getting the same text message from the Kifflom lady over and over , I might be totally broke due to an auction house and I tried about 60 times to get online , only to have it fail to connect over and over again.
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