What's your favorite radio station in Grand Theft Auto V?

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  3. What's your favorite radio station in Grand Theft Auto V?

User Info: 2kJeriRKO

4 years ago#1
What station do you listen to the most, or do you turn the radio off?

I, myself, don't listen to the radio much. If I do, it's usually on Los Santos Rock Radio.

User Info: Nicodaemos

4 years ago#2
Lowdown FM
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User Info: hoagie727

4 years ago#3
West Coast Classics or turn it off.

User Info: HoosierGuy88

4 years ago#4
Los Santos Rock Radio is the only station I really like. There's a couple others that are okay but LSRR is the only one that plays non-stop good songs imo.

User Info: KrustyBrownRing

4 years ago#5
Channel X. I do wish it had some Flipper, UK Subs, Minutemen, Alice Donut and lots of other stuff but I guess that just means a shorter rotation to My War.

User Info: mathon88

4 years ago#6
hoagie727 posted...
West Coast Classics or turn it off.

2pac is on there man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: WadsterShakelok

4 years ago#7
Favorites in order are:

Soulwax FM
Radio Los Santos
Worldwide FM
Radio Mirror Park

User Info: AirWolfSound

4 years ago#8
West Coast Classics, Radio Los Santos, and Fly FM, and Blaine County Radio are the only ones worth listening to.

User Info: Golberg51

4 years ago#9
The pop one,you cant say no to Glamorous, one thing, and only girl in the world

I also fancy East lost fm, only because i'm mexican and i can understand 100% of the jokes,and i know most of the songs, LSRR is also nice,i havent tried listening to the country one yet, i loved K-rose on gta SA, pretty much knew every song of that radio, is it as good as K-rose?
Oko uncle

User Info: vinnydictive

4 years ago#10
Channel X all day
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