Worst voice actress ever: Tracey vs Tonya

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User Info: fallenKlNG

3 years ago#11
I can understand the hate for Tracy, but Tonya's VA was great. Like someone else said, just because you don't like someone or the way they talk doesn't mean the VA was bad. Tonya sounded very natural to me.
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User Info: J1MM3L

3 years ago#12
"I remember you b'fo you was a wannabe when you just was!"

"And I remember you and JB b'fo y'all was dopey!"
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User Info: Board_Collie

3 years ago#13
more_cow_bell posted...
Jedahpr posted...
Now Tracey on the other hand... sounds like a 40 year old woman trying to sound like a spoiled teen.

she is a 40 year old women.

That explains a lot...

User Info: Kupin

3 years ago#14
I don't think Tonya is that bad. Plus, her dialogues in this game are quite funny too.

I personally think the voice of Rickie, that guy from Life Invader is quite bad. It could possibly because of his personality, but I don't like his silly voice much.

User Info: seafoamwaves

3 years ago#15
I hated Tonya's voice too, glad I'm not the only one. The writing was perfect, that's exactly how ebonics sounds, but her delivery was off.
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User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

3 years ago#16
Tonya and her voice acting were perfect to a T, I've known street junkies just like her and that is exactly how they act and often sound.

Tonya is the perfect example of a girl who was once hot but messed herself up with drugs but still retains the confidence she once had.

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