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User Info: mistrfantasy

4 years ago#1
So, apparently, some hacker has found his way onto the North Yankton map and discovered some interesting hints for the upcoming DLC.

Youtube ID: JaHsqoILGU8

Some interesting stuff:
Niko Bellic is BACK!
Roman might be alive(meaning canon?)
4 new ARs
9 new vehicles

User Info: KaZooo

4 years ago#2
Interesting. Vehicles are more like different versions of existing ones if I read that list right, but hey, an Asea.

tbh most excited about that brick if this ever comes about.
"Don't mess with Kazoo. He will knock you flat...I don't mess with ignignoc_n_er. He will knock me flat"-Soulidarity

User Info: hondagod_92

4 years ago#3
So, in all of that game code hacking, it looks like he found nothing about a jetpack or UFO. Guess that confirms their lack of existence as usable vehicles in GTA V. Kind of a bummer.

User Info: acolytes

4 years ago#4
If Niko is back, I'll be very happy. Love that guy. If he's playable I hope we can customize him to the same level as the rest of the gang.
"I want your blood...I want your souls...And I want 'em both, right now." - Johnny Ringo, Tombstone

User Info: acolytes

4 years ago#5
So, according to that Niko has a special ability, which would probably make him playable. Guesses on story?

My idea would be that after <spoilers>Kate's death</spoilers> Niko fell into a deep depression (based on his special ability). He also probably has quite a few people who want him dead. So he leaves the sprawl of Liberty City to eke out an existence in North Yankton and to keep away from people. Now, according to that Michael is involved, but I don't know how. Story wise, it seemed like MIchael was finished with crime after the story ends. Roman's involvement could also mean several things (the biggest being his survival being canon). Maybe he goes looking for Niko? Maybe Nike, Roman, and Mallory all shipped up to Yankton?

A place like Los Santos would certainly suit Roman's lifestyle. Maybe he moved to San Andreas and somehow ends up tasking Michael with helping him locate his cousin?
"I want your blood...I want your souls...And I want 'em both, right now." - Johnny Ringo, Tombstone

User Info: CartmanKusanagi

4 years ago#6
If this is true, then it will nice to see Niko again. I'm perfectly fine with Roman being alive since I usually choose the Revenge ending in my IV playthroughs.

Oh wait, does that mean more bowling?

User Info: Morbioso

4 years ago#7
It would be funny if near the Northern edge of the North Yankton map it said " Winterpeg, 100 miles" or something like that.

I imagine only Canadians will get the reference.


4 years ago#8
Niko is my favorite GTA protagonist, so I'm happy.

User Info: LordRattergun

4 years ago#9
Don't really care about Niko, but getting to explore North Yankton will be great, such a cool but unused area.
Rattergun, you are truly a hero for our times. - Recoome_is_god

User Info: AzureVergil

4 years ago#10
Isn't Michael Hollic and Rockstar still in bad term? They are will recast Niko's voice?
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