Tinkle stocks question

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User Info: ck1

4 years ago#1
So I just dropped off the random guy who gives you the Tinkle stock tip, so I've got a two-part question: one, how long does it usually take to max out. And two, can you advance time on the bawsaq market like you can with LSN?

User Info: ck1

4 years ago#2
It's been days and it's stuck at 14.76%...

User Info: cstiffler_basic

4 years ago#3
The stock market so so bugged

User Info: ck1

4 years ago#4
Well I think I actually figured this out. I noticed that each character had a different return percentage when I sold my shares and I realized that when I was buying the stocks the prices had changed by about 10 cents each time which is what caused my character, who had invested last, to have a much lower return. So when the dude says "but tinkle stocks right now." He means RIGHT NOW! every 30 seconds the price starts going up by about 10 cents after that which can change your return percentage considerably especially when investing billions. But if you do it fast enough you should be able to get a really good return for each character depending on how much you invest.

User Info: SwordCzar

4 years ago#5
Aww, man... Last night I cashed out as Franklin with 30+%, then I switched to Michael, and had to settle out for 14% increase. Meh. Wish it had been better. Michael had all the fat cash!
Anyway, I switched characters while Franklin was in the sub, and when I switched back to him after selling with Mike, THIS was parked outside a nightclub:
"Great Gulgren's Sack!"

User Info: Stroker

4 years ago#6
I knew where the pick-up location was located, so I had Trevor head in that direction until he was about 300 yards away from the spawn point.

BEFORE initiating the mission, I purchased the stocks with Trevor, switched to Franklin and purchased the stocks, switched to Michael and purchased the stocks, and then switched back to Trevor.

I drove the remaining couple of hundred yards, the event spawned, I did the mission, and the Tinkle stock rose to a 32.99% profit for each character.

User Info: LeadPipeCinche

4 years ago#7
just did the "tinkle" mission.
the only downside to doing it is I cant get any money with mikey during this (2nd snow mission followed by car drop off just before doing "tinkle").

I just wish it would get to 30% faster.
this feels like forever waitin for 30%.

I know franky is going to get a hefty bonus from this though as I put all his money in to it (over $13 million). shame only had a little over half a mil with trev.
My little men: Hayden Alexander Steele (born: 8/9/2006 at 8:38AM) & Conner Leigh Steele (born: 10/7/2008 at 9:16pm).
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