Which GTA soundtrack do you like the best?

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User Info: JohnnyB21

3 years ago#21
I liked the music from Vice City and San Andreas.

Pilipino79 posted...
HojoojoH 2 posted...
Missing the Jazz from GTA4!

Yes! John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" and Duke Ellington's "Take the "A" Train" were my favorites from Jazz Nation Radio. :D

I need to play GTA IV again. Played through story mode once and shelved it. I hated all the "friend" activities. I like jazz, and didn't even remember it being in IV.
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User Info: Mutedfaithwi60

3 years ago#22
III because Laslow gets a talkshow radio station all to himself.
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User Info: disneyland5

3 years ago#23
K-DST from San Andreas was the best GTA radiostation ever. Legendary. GTA V has terrible music. It sucks.
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  3. Which GTA soundtrack do you like the best?

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