Holy crap I'm rich

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User Info: Graywolf_d_45th

3 years ago#1
I haven't played GTA 5 in months and more importantly I haven't touched the stocks in forever so i recently checked on my stocks for Trevor and i'm f-ing shocked. I had gotten weazel stock when it was dirt cheap and spent all my money on it but now its at 999.89. With all the money i spent I now have $5,224,983,040 in stocks. And Michael has it even better with $8,307,791,360

My god i'm wealthy...And also too lazy to check Franklin

Any idea how to spend it?
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and Im not sure about the universe!
-Albert Einstein

User Info: Part3

3 years ago#2
Modding cars is about the only way. Buy everything of the Internet.

Shame you can't transfer it to your personal bank account.

User Info: alex-guti-14

3 years ago#3
You could buy stores or bars or you could upgrade a car drive it into fort zancudo and steal a jet

User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#4
ugh I feel the stock market is an aspect of this game that's unfairly mandatory in the acquisition of all properties...(assassination missions apparently are the only verifiable means to guarantee winding up with way more then enough money to get all properties)
Quite the dilemma....to coexist in a world that ostracizes you into obscurity

User Info: dsky9000

3 years ago#5
Max out all your guns gear up with some body armor get a 5 star wanted level get a jet go to the ufo get the 6 star wanted level find a place with perfect cover points and star a infinite war a mass war with police until you run out of ammo then try to lose the heat if you succeed repeat until you can jack the ufo.
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User Info: jazztronaut

3 years ago#6
can i borrow a few bucks? i'm good for it.
its a long way to go when you don't know where you're going...
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