Where do you pick up the Warstock vehicles?

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  3. Where do you pick up the Warstock vehicles?

User Info: G-Ziss

3 years ago#1
After you buy them, where do you go to use them? I checked the garages, but there are only special DLC vehicles in there.

User Info: supeerdude

3 years ago#2
Pretty sure they're at the airport.
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User Info: nnulda

3 years ago#3
For Trevor, his hanger at his airstrip.
I have not bought any warstock vehicles for any other character as I feel they fit trevor more than the other 2 city slickers.
But as it is the hanger for Trevor its a fairly safe bet it will the the Airport Hanger for Michael and Franklin

User Info: chaosinuyasha

3 years ago#4
Depending on what you but it can be in the hangar or the helipad for your character. I never bought the road vehicles so I cant say on those.
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User Info: GiappasBenz

3 years ago#5
Helicopter = Helipad
Ground vehicles = Hangar

If you tried to purchase the Barracks and Crusader with one of the earliest patches, Michael and Franklin couldn't get them... now it's fixed.
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  3. Where do you pick up the Warstock vehicles?

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