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User Info: ssj5goku2005

6 years ago#1
What songs should be on the radio this time around?

What I think:

Rap station -
Lil Wayne - John (feat. Rick Ross)
Drake - Headlines
Eminem - Won't Back Down (feat. Pink)
LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It
Dirt Nasty - **** Me I'm Famous

Rock station -
Linkin Park - Wretches and Kings
Blink-182 - Everytime I Look for You
The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Bowling for Soup - Girls in America
Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra
Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm

also I would love if they added an 80s station because I love 80s rock...particularly hair metal

80s station -
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me
Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine
Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart
Poison - Fallen Angel
Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
Reckless Love - One More Time (this song actually came out in 2010 but is a hair metal song that sounds like the 80s)

I'd also like an off option because sometimes I just don't feel like listening to music when I'm driving around...I know I can just turn music volume down in the options menu but it's a hassle but if I do wanna listen to music I gotta go all the way back and turn it back up...which can get annoying if you're in a high speed chase with the cops lol

well that's pretty much my wishlist for radio songs in GTA 5...I know there'd be more songs than that in the actual game but if they had these songs I'd be set
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User Info: gtaking5

6 years ago#2
Everything you listed is good, except LMFAO and Lil' Wayne, but let's just forget about that.

Alt Rock/Punk Rock Hybrid Station -
Green Day - 1,000 Hours
Gogol Bordello - Through The Roof 'N' Underground
Four Year Strong - Flannel Is The Color Of My Energy
Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor
AFI - Medicate
The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
Hollerado - Juliette
Rise Against - Everchanging

Metal/Hardcore Station -
Rise Against - Voices Off Camera
Bad Religion - Los Angeles Is Burning
Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece of Heaven
Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache
Slayer - Angel of Death

There's some songs I'd like to see possibly.

Oh and in Past GTA games they had an "off" station, and in GTA IV you can hold Left or Right on the DPAD for about 2 seconds and it will turn the radio off.

User Info: ssj5goku2005

6 years ago#3
Oh thanks...I knew about the off switch in the older games but I didn't know about the D-Pad turning the radio off in GTA 4...I'll try that next time I'm in a high speed chase (I usually don't like listening to the radio during a high speed chase)
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User Info: CRS98

6 years ago#4

Bands I'd like to see. I don't really care what songs they choose.

Decrepit Birth, on a metal/hardcore station. From California, so why not?
Ozirc Tentacles, would fit on a electronic or psychedelic station if they have that.
Magma, cIassic rock station. Unless they have a prog station.
Chick Corea, jazz or jazz fusion station.

User Info: Darth_Rickey

6 years ago#5
if ur gonna have lil wayne on GTA have a better song then crack house or w/e was on gta 4.. lol
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User Info: Tactical_Nuke

6 years ago#6
I see them putting a couple of MJ songs as a tribute.
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User Info: Agent_Slash

6 years ago#7
K-DST (classic rock):
Smokin'* or Peace of Mind - Boston
Runnin' Down a Dream* - Tom Petty
Freebird* or Call Me the Breeze - Lynyrd Skynyrd
La Grange - ZZ Top
Big Shot - Billy Joel
Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, part 2 - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
War Pigs - Black Sabbath
Cold as Ice - Foreigner
Hocus Pocus - Focus
Dust in the Wind - Kansas
Train Kept A-Rollin' - Aerosmith
Flirtin' with Disaster - Molly Hatchet
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC
Wherever I May Roam - Metallica
Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
The Spirit of Radio or Freewill - Rush
Ice Cream Man or Eruption/You Really Got Me - Van Halen
Shooting Star - Bad Company
Baba O'Riley - The Who
Life's Been Good - Joe Walsh
Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue
Hotel California - The Eagles
Magic Man - Heart

*I'm aware that these songs were already in San Andreas, but I think they deserve better than having Rockstar fade out 3/4ths of the way through each song. Seriously, what was up with that? Did Rockstar not want to pay for the entire songs or something?

Anyway, there's probably more that I'm forgetting, but I'd be happy with that. Really, as long as it's better than it was in GTAIV (before TLatD at least) I'll be happy.

User Info: OMGitsnano

6 years ago#8

Rock and metal station:

*Black Tide- Shout

*Coldplay-Violet hill

*Foo Fighters-The Pretender/walk

*Black Label Society- Godspeed hellbound

*Megadeth-Public Enemy #1

That's the only 4 songs I want. 

User Info: OMGitsnano

6 years ago#9


Rock and metal station:

*Black Tide- Shout

*Coldplay-Violet hill

*Foo Fighters-The Pretender/walk

*Black Label Society- Godspeed hellbound

*Megadeth-Public Enemy #1

That's the only 5 songs I want. 

/what a fail.

User Info: OMGitsnano

6 years ago#10

Sorry for triple post, Gamespot needs an edit button.


*Deadmau5: -Animal Rights

                   -Moar Ghosts n stuff (hard intro)

*Skrillex:     -Equinox

                  -Kill Everybody

                  -Drop Dead Tune/Do da oliphant


*Tiesto:        -Maximal Crazy

*Big Chocolate:-Stuck up **** up


And well, this isn't techno, but it's metal with a bass n drum band, so

*Pendulum feat. In Flames- Self versus Self

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