I want cops to chase me for speeding and running reds

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  3. I want cops to chase me for speeding and running reds

User Info: FatalFragger

5 years ago#21
mrolympia78 posted...
the getaway had this, it was the most annoying thing ever. I won't buy GTA 5 if cops come after you for speeding or running reds. have you EVER tried to go with the flow of traffic or stop at every red light, I bet you'd last 2 minutes doing it and say "$%&* this".

I've done this. I have tried and within minutes I give up.

User Info: VG_Soldier

5 years ago#22
Like in the original Mafia?. Meh, if it's optional that would be great - otherwise absolutely not.
I'd also like other realistic (optional) implements like gas, extra realistic handling, losing health if a bullet enters, say an intact side door and hits you inside,

more tactical combat (lower health for you, higher recoil which gives the opposition the advantage of taking you down quicker while the disadvantage of the same disadvantages)

and extra tactical police/SWAT maneuvers like the setting of razor strips, check point (I mean flexible, non-predictable checkpoints unlike what we had in GTA IV), after your wanted level clears they still patrol at an heavily increased rate for about 12-24 hours in a general area where you were last sighted and if you're identified your wanted level jumps massively and things to increase the tension such as lethal police employed marksman.

^^^The above is mostly assuming you some committed seriously atrocious crimes
I like all of these ideas, but only if they're OPTIONAL :P
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User Info: Navex

5 years ago#23
Anyone who wants this has no idea what they're wishing. The cops in IV were over-sensitive the way it was so we sure as hell don't need something even worse that would get them on us. I think the problem here is many are misinterpreting what Rockstar meant when they opted to go for the realistic approach with IV onward.
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User Info: AshleyG_2019

5 years ago#24
Wouldn't you just run from them the same way you do when they chase you anyway. Does it really matter what they chase you for when all you have to do is get outside that circle to lose them.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
5 years ago#25
The cops were already annoying enough in IV. Let's make them more annoying!
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User Info: deicidal101

5 years ago#26
It would be really cool if it was optional, and also making 1 star easier to get away with would make this feature better I think. If not speeding and red lights then the cops should ALWAYS chase you when you pass them at a red light going 80 mph within two inches of em.

Aside from that I was thinking it would be cool to customize cars with some kind of armor (yellow pages maybe?). Alas it is much to obscure of a feature to actually happen.

If they dont do features like these then oh well, but if I dont get an optional speedometer then I think Im gonna wait till I can get a good PC for mods, which is gonna be a while before I can afford that.

GTA 4 was a very long game with a lot of driving yet no speedometer, I did less driving in some need for speed games.
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User Info: Granado6

5 years ago#27
Even the First Driver game had this feat. It was super realistic to an extent. Im surprised no other sandbox game didn't do this. They should give you the option to turn it on or off. I personally hope they put this in there.

User Info: mrolympia78

5 years ago#28
Gtalady91 posted...
I'm all for it I grew up on driver series so I'd be more then happy with this

try and play those games now and see how long you last
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User Info: RGR490G

5 years ago#29
xKeisukex posted...
Would you like 1 star for j walking as well ?

That would be hilarious in multiplayer, where the cops shoot you with shotguns at a one star wanted level.
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User Info: Jo145

5 years ago#30
Gtalady91 posted...
I'm all for it I grew up on driver series so I'd be more then happy with this

This. It was fun getting away from the cops in Driver and Driver 2.

As long as it's not to hard in GTA V I'm okay with it.
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  3. I want cops to chase me for speeding and running reds

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