Three characters and they're all male. Why is Rockstar afraid of progress?

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  3. Three characters and they're all male. Why is Rockstar afraid of progress?

User Info: FaustXII

5 years ago#31
ill-thoughts posted...
88milesperhour posted...
a female protagonist that isn't a sex symbol.


all things considered, i did enjoy playing as a woman in GTA4's multiplayer....and also in Saints Row The Third. i think with the Premis of this game being about heisting, a woman wouldnt really fit in, as women tend to Not be effective in violent and deadly situations LOL...but id LOVE to play as the female officer Valesquez or whatever her name is, i think that would be a BLAST. it would be like combining True Crime and GTA :O

now thats what i call DLC.

Your perception of women is precisely why a female protagonist is needed.

You did however remind me from Velazquez from Aliens... I'd like a female protagonist like Ripley or her, that'd be cool.

User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
5 years ago#32
FriendlyGamer posted...
Why is innovation so reliant on what gender the character's are? As long as their stories are interesting, their personalities fleshed out, why does it matter? The majority of people playing GTA5 will be male and they are going to want to relate to the characters, and become immersed in the game.

Because the 3 main characters look pretty bad and I won't touch the game because of that. I didn't play GTA4 and refuse to since the main character looks like a rat.
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User Info: BS_Infinite

5 years ago#33
This actually would have been a decent time to give it a shot. I don't really feel strongly either way though
BS_Infinite posted...
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User Info: bguy9

5 years ago#34
RDen96 posted...
So, you want a story about a soccer mom who learns kung-fu from an infomercial or something?



User Info: jimbobrulez

5 years ago#35
FriendlyGamer posted...
Erik_P posted...

How is wanting to play as a different gender arrogant?

Not wanting, just expecting to play as a female then criticizing the game for not letting you do so. This is what the TC was raving about.

I don't really understand what Erik P is talking about, he obviously isn't getting what you are trying to say. Don't worry though dude, you said it perfectly. Let me try to help you out and maybe he will get it.
1. TC Wants to play as female
2. Most people probably do not, I do not.
3. TC whines do to his strong desire to be a female and calls all three protagonists recycled ideas, despite the small amount of info we know about them. Sorta like calling Thor and Superman "recycled" because they are both superheros.
4. Arrogant.
If you still don't get it, I don't know what to say.
its like gta: sa... Carl should've had 1 star at all times, just being a black guy in 1990s L.A.- Masonator 2002

User Info: Mumble_

5 years ago#36
What does a female character have to do with "progress"? How would that change around the personality at all? Unless you're sexist and implying that woman can't be gangsters. In which case, if they could be then you just want the character to be female for no reason, and are sexist against males.

Also, I don't think most companies care if there are female gamers. They've been playing as men in almost every game ever. They should be used to it. The majority of the fan base is male so that would end up turning off a lot of guys. Not myself, but other guys nonetheless. That would be selfish of them to turn off a part of the fan base 100x bigger than the girls who would actually care if the character was female.

I'm not saying there shouldn't be a female protagonist, but I don't see why anyone should complain about there not being one. Most of the guys who say that just want to look at a pair of boobs while playing this game.
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User Info: DarkGam3r

5 years ago#37
katuros posted...
Arabiandude posted...
Why should it matter what sex the protagonist is? Seems pretty sexist of you to demand a female character.


And it's racist to see a black guy dancing compared to a white guy. (KFC Commercial)
"I'm no hero."

User Info: moneycashgeorge

5 years ago#38
How many female gangsters do you think there are? Very few.

How many women play GTA? Very few.

That should answer your question.

User Info: wwervin

5 years ago#39
Because probably 95% of their fanbase are males?

And they can give us the option to be female.. I don't care, but I personally would never use it. I don't find the idea of a 90 pound skinny blonde chick stealing cars in broad daylight in a bad neighborhood, and leading a group of psychopathic men on bank heists is very realistic.

User Info: El_Zaggy

5 years ago#40
Rockstar keeps pushing the boundaries of games yet you says they afraid of progress.

I want the next hero of grand theft auto 6 to be hermaphrodite.
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