Am I the only person who thinks San Andreas wasn't that great?

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  3. Am I the only person who thinks San Andreas wasn't that great?

User Info: creep50

5 years ago#41
enterthemadrox posted...
creep50 posted...
actually my least favorite thing about vice city was all that scarface crap...a little bit because it made the storyline very unoriginal but mostly because that scarface is a horrible movie

i the game however was very fun....but i think that san andreas only added to that

Wait, wait.....Scarface is a horrible movie?


I hadn't even watched Scarface (the Al Pacino 1983 version, not the 1939 version about Al Capone) until years after I played Vice City but when I found out about the references and such, I thought that was awesome.

Plus VC had the best story, best characters, best soundtrack, it was the most fun and had such beautiful locations.

San Andreas was a chore in a boring city and full of horrendous characters that I just couldn't like at all. Plus the story sucked and the soundtrack was bad (a mix of crappy gangsta rap, terrible grunge and early 90s pop music that highlighted just how bad music was back then unless you knew where to look away from the charts and mainstream....I mean, come on, no Primus, Megadeth, Pantera?).

yes scarface was a horrible movie every character pretty much shouted every single line and it was filled with unrelatable uninteresting,badly written characters

vice city was ´´mostly´´ the same but even than the characters didnt feel as was small however compared to san andreas and i think the locations where even better in SA (with alot more variety in them)

and the soundtrack in san andres was far from horrible i agree that i didnt care for the ganzta rap but the rock stations where awesome (slow ride,horse with no name etc)
San Andreas > > > > > > > > >Desert Bus > > > > > > > >GTA 4

User Info: Psycho_Kenshin

5 years ago#42
Personally, I think Scarface is a very good movie, and Vice City's story and style has it's own unique appeal, plenty of humor. Tommy is my fav protagonist.

I'm also in the camp that doesn't love SA, to me it feels slower and less fun compared to VC. But, of course, everyone has their own taste, plenty of variety across the franchise.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
5 years ago#43
I didn't like SA very much, either. It was too over the top, unlike III and VC and the characters weren't as likable.
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User Info: moogie101

5 years ago#44
My favourite game in the GTA series will always be Vice City.
However I'm still amazed at what the crammed into SA on the PS2. The amount of game content & map size was astounding & I still say that is why many people felt letdown by GTA4 as despite the graphical advances it toook so much out of the actual gameplay.

User Info: doraemonllh1989

5 years ago#45
you know what?

the thing i like in IV is the shooting game play and police doesnt just target u

other than that,assuming SA is made in this gen as well,i would prefer SA by miles
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  3. Am I the only person who thinks San Andreas wasn't that great?

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