PETA is going to be all OVER this game.

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  3. PETA is going to be all OVER this game.

User Info: progamer664

5 years ago#21
You can kill dogs in AC3. They didn't say anything about that.

User Info: Logicmonger

5 years ago#22
People Eating Tasty Animals?

User Info: Strakadh_OF

5 years ago#23
talk2bill posted...
has killing dogs been confirmed? I bet they will be like kids in Fable II.

Maybe they will be like kids in Skyrim, they will follow you around barking incessantly and biting you and if you try to hurt one you get an instant max wanted level.
GT: The Trill Texan

User Info: ELDuran

5 years ago#24 PETA is protecting "VIRTUAL" animals now? LoL
Most of the money you'll win at poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents.

User Info: Gamer_X27

5 years ago#25
ELDuran posted... PETA is protecting "VIRTUAL" animals now? LoL

Yep, and they seem to show more "care and concern" for virtual animals then they do for real animals.
Loss of focus and loss of balance leads to loss of life - Dragon's Dogma

User Info: Flid_Merchant

5 years ago#26
Oh dear a bunch of nuts will cry. Rockstar should be concerned.

User Info: Druff

5 years ago#27
This might have been a big issue like six years ago. Today hardly anybody would even notice.
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User Info: aneurysm

5 years ago#28
I love animals, they're delicious! I also enjoyed "hunting" a cougar with a stick of dynamite in RDR to get the Expert Hunter outfit. Shooting bears with the explosive rifle was also fun. SPLAT
Some may never live, but the crazy never die

User Info: brawlmastr12344

5 years ago#29
Nah they're too busy protesting Pokemon.

User Info: Zukkus

5 years ago#30
How many PETA members does it take to change a lightbulb?

None, because PETA can't change anything.
"I just wasted a bullet. Don't waste your life." -Big Boss
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  3. PETA is going to be all OVER this game.

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