Hey GTA V, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish

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  3. Hey GTA V, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish

User Info: PSPmasta

4 years ago#41
Definitely not the same, but the pic from the GI is probably really old.
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User Info: jman427

4 years ago#42
LordPoncho posted...
AwesomePS3gamer posted...
Yes, because apparently trolls, and i'm assuming you think i'm one, stay for 8 months on forums/sites.

Also, it's a known fact that people reply with crappy one liners when they lose a debate.

Your level is new user. I don't care when the account was made, you're still a new user. You don't have credibility.

And it's not fact, at all. It's quite funny that you've made several opinion-based posts and proclaimed them all fact. Wanna know what that usually means? That you're trolling.

Give him a break, he doesn't understand what facts are.

User Info: Valtiel43

4 years ago#43
Sleeping Dogs > Saints Row
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User Info: Cars123456789

4 years ago#44
Saints Row 3 was terrible. I bought it day 1 on Steam, and played it for about 2 hours. I couldn't bring myself to ever try to play it anymore.
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User Info: captain-inferno

4 years ago#45

User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#46
normally when you play a game farther in a series first you like it better. i got sr3 first and loved it. but then i tried saints row 2. 3 doesnt hold up by comparison.
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  3. Hey GTA V, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish

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