Best 3D GTA game?

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User Info: __Krystal__

5 years ago#1
What is your favourite 3D GTA game? - Results (52 votes)
5.77% (3 votes)
11.54% (6 votes)
46.15% (24 votes)
36.54% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
After reading recently on this forum that "most" people hated GTA 4. I was quite intrigued to see how it compared to the earlier titles.

I haven't included the DLC for 4 as I class that as one game.
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User Info: PinkChinos

5 years ago#2
I voted for Vice City. Incredible atmosphere, great story and characters. I vivdly remember almost everything about it to this day. I loved GTA IV though, and would take it over GTA III or San Andreas in a heartbeat.
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User Info: gtarocker

5 years ago#3
You're only feeding them as the GFaqs community doesn't constitute anything of merit according to them.
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User Info: freddurstinsd3

5 years ago#4
I voted for IV simply because I thought it had the most consistent driving mechanics, a fairly solid multiplayer aspect, and an amazing story.

Vice City is a close second because it has a contained zaniness, fun locations, great soundtrack, a solid story and characters, and I was always a fan of the mall. I'd then go for SA simply because of the wilderness areas. Then III was just slightly disappointing overall.

If we were to consider all of Rockstar's produced 3D open world games, though, I'd go Red Dead Redemption > IV > LA Noire > Vice City > the rest.
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User Info: HoosierGuy88

5 years ago#5
Close toss up between GTA III and GTA IV. Both games revolutionized the series in different ways. But overall I picked GTA IV because the amount of detail they put into Liberty City really blew me away.

User Info: Hungry_Homer111

5 years ago#6
GTA5! :P

No, but seriously... This is how I would rank them:

1. San Andreas
2. Vice City
3. TBoGT
4. Chinatown Wars
5. GTA3
6. TLatD
7. LCS
8. GTA4

I do like them all in their own way though. With GTA4, I understand and appreciate what they were trying to do with it, and it definitely had some great improvements over the other games, specifically when it came to the basic gameplay mechanics and world-building. It's just that, even though it was still enjoyable in its own ways, it was missing a lot of the more fun elements of the other games. Luckily, the GTA4 DLC (and from the look of it, GTA5) have done a great job of mixing the best of both worlds.
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