So one of my cousins best friend works for some insider info :D

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  3. So one of my cousins best friend works for some insider info :D

User Info: wakingdacadaver

5 years ago#1
Just found out you will have to be responsible for gas and refueling every so often depending on the vehicle. You've probably seen the mod for this on pc.

User Info: puffinslaughter

5 years ago#2
hey r u waking da cadaver????
"Its not like im speak like some brian dead 10 year old."- Pokefilm
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User Info: nativengine

5 years ago#3
My cousin works for Rockstar and he said this game actually has guns that go pew pew pew
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User Info: LOLfelines

5 years ago#4
My cousins friend owns a Rock and looked at a star and he says your info is spot on
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User Info: DeadClash

5 years ago#5
My dog's uncle's best friend's brother is the lead designer of GTA V so I can confirm this is false.

User Info: British_Walker

5 years ago#6
My dad drinks Rockstar right, and apparantly you'll be able to pick up hookers in a fighter jet.

User Info: Pr3dat0r23

5 years ago#7
My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend, who works for Rockstar, said your information is debatable and you are likely creating rumors.
its only a matter of time before a cop runs over a bunch of pedestrians and unloads a hundred rounds
into a suspect then blames his actions on playing GTA.

User Info: ELDuran

5 years ago#8
R* asked me if they could add fuel for cars, I said yes!
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User Info: bish0p2004

5 years ago#9
I am the CEO of Rockstar and I can confirm that fueling cars is in. Also in is the ability to contract the AIDs virus from sleeping with too many hookers.

User Info: joeman1000

5 years ago#10
I am rockstar Robert Plant, and I can confirm that my music will be on one of the radio stations.
XBL GT: Joekillu754
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  3. So one of my cousins best friend works for some insider info :D

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