Would you want the Rhino back?

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User Info: gtarocker

4 years ago#11
wwervin posted...
1. I think GI confirmed a military base to be in the game.

2. Hydra confirmed in the game.

3. Trailer 2: Trevor jumping out of what appears to be an Army cargo plane via an Army looking Jeep-like vehicle (with the star on the back).

I'd say at this point it's highly likely there will be tanks. I definitely would want the Rhino. Something about crushing a car using the RAGE engine seems so satisfying. They should make them hard to get though, not just walking into a military base and taking it or through a cheat code. There should be lots of opposition like there would be in real life.

Like getting a 6 star in III burning the occupants and the. Going about getting the wanted level reduced icons
Cheaters always deny its cheating

User Info: Mentalpatient87

4 years ago#12
Who wouldn't want the Rhino back? Is that a serious question.

And I agree with wwervin's assessment on their likelyhood.
"Star bringing purple! Star bringing yorbel! STOP BRINGING YORBEL! STOP RINGING YOUR BELL!"
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  3. Would you want the Rhino back?

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