After GTA V comes out. What game would you want from them next?

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  3. After GTA V comes out. What game would you want from them next?

User Info: MashYouGood

5 years ago#81
The Warriors Redux - open-world multiplayer coöp - offline and on - the suite of multiplayer modes the 128-bit game had + more.

User Info: mewmew42

5 years ago#82
I wish Rockstar could get Star Wars far i have never got a a good jedi game.....they always end up as dissapointment.......i missed out on KOTOR era was too poor to afford it then..........

A pirate game........where i am jack sparrowish..........

An RPG soldier/army game........3rd you develop into Rambo..........or how you played a vital role in WW2...........we have enough FPS.........

A samurai game........maybe a ninja........a japan sengoku era sandbox........

User Info: MenuWars

5 years ago#83
Just because I love the idea so much I'm gonna say it again, but differently. Rockstar should make a Twin Peaks game.
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User Info: Velvet_Llama

5 years ago#84
dr_gonzo355 posted...
I really, really want a Red Dead sequel. Like, I really want it. Like, bad. Like a child in Africa wants a fly swatter bad.

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User Info: idig_jackwhite

5 years ago#85
Bully 2 set at Bullworth with a new 16-17 year old protagonist a few years after Jimmy's reign. L.A. Noire 2 featuring a private eye instead of police detective, perhaps a licensed Philip Marlowe? Manhunt 3 with Cash on the run from from the law. I'd also love to see them reboot State of Emergency, open world game with the protagonist rebelling against a fascist regime. Whatever they make next I'm sure I'll buy it (unless it is indeed Table Tennis 2).

User Info: agammon

5 years ago#86
Next-gen Read Dead would be nice, but I also wouldn't mind a new IP. I think R* could actually shake up the modern military genre in a really cool way. Think about an open world game set in Afghanistan or something.

User Info: Akiba69

5 years ago#87
Id want them to remake The Warriors.
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User Info: southparkboy

5 years ago#88
A ton of DLC for this. This is only the second gta this gen. Kind of a bummer for me. I would also like a sequel to red dead.
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  3. After GTA V comes out. What game would you want from them next?

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