its said game is already completed

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  3. its said game is already completed

User Info: paint87

5 years ago#1
Why would it be released any late then spring....
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User Info: cheese_game619

5 years ago#2
they only have it on a usb and need to find a computer running itunes so they can burn a few copies and get the sales started

User Info: michaelkenneth

5 years ago#3
Bug testing maybe?

User Info: threedown

5 years ago#4
most likely testing and fine tuning.

User Info: Iceman93x

5 years ago#5
It isn't. Still has to go thru testing and debugging. This is gonna be the biggest gta ever, and rockstars ceo said they're gonna do it right this time around.
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  3. its said game is already completed

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